Fab Friday #10 – Gwen Stefani x Cosmopolitan Inspired Nail Designs

Hi everyone and welcome back to another fabFriday because it's spring break I decided to wait to the new last minute to fill noticeI was not able to film an introduction to this video but know that it's inspired bythe 2015 March edition of cosmopolitan and the Gwen stefani cover was photographed byMatthias vriens McGrath Let's get into the show stopping manicure start this manicureby putting all your nails except your accent fingers two coats of any polish color youwould like I'm using an essie polish in the color licorice after allowing your manicurea few minutes to dryi'm going to place a stripe of gold nail tape along the bottom of eachnail for the accent nail I'm going to take the nail tape and create a large triangleat the top of the nail by simply applying to stripes of nail tape.

Now I'm going tocreate a triangle in the center of the nail tapes and fill in the rest the nail with blackfor the bottom portion of the nail I decided at the last minute to rearrange the designI'm going to simply apply one piece of mail taped to the bottom of my nail and fill inthe tape with black and allow some drying time before I placed the gold accent tapeI really like how this manicure turned out I think black and gold are such an elegantcombination and I think Glenn Steffani looks absolutely stunning last week I asked youwhich manicure you thought this fab Friday design was created for and I told you to takea guess and I thought it was going to be easy for you to figure out but nobody got it rightI was so shocked but anyways it was actually created for delpozo thank you everyone forwatching and I'll see you in the next video.