Fall Nail Art for beginners. 3 Cute and Easy Variations for short nails.

Hello everyone ! Welcome back to my channel! Today I have another nail tutorial for you But before we start I wanted to show you this cool candle.

Its called blueberry muffin from wicked cool candles Its smell so good ! So what is cool about it you can use it as massage oil As it burns it will create a pool of warm massage oil The oil will reach a temperature slightly above normal body temperature so you can use a small amount of this oil for your hands Its so cool and I love the moisturizing effect Now I better stop talking and lets move on to the nail tutorial I wanted to go for a different nail design this time I think french tip manicure always looks adorable , so I decided to mixed it up with some spotted nails I will start with applying my base coat , then I will apply my Ciate nail polish in "power dressing" on my index finger , my pinky and my thumb I love this navy blue nail polish, I think its perfect for fall After my nails are dry I will apply my finger paints nail polish in "red, white and hue " on my nails painted with navy blue nail polish Now lets move on to the middle finger I will create a french tip by using a white stripper After I am done, I will apply a top coat and I will repeat the same steps with ring finger Next I will apply rhinestones on my middle and ring finger I already like this result but I would like to add some nail stickers so I have chosen white stickers with star design and I apply them on my ring and middle finger Here is the finished look of the first variation of this nail design I really like this one, what about you guys? And now let me show you my second variation And for this I will also create a french tip on my middle and ring finger And then I will apply silver nail stickers with heart design I think this variation looks really cute and girly For third variation I decided to apply some silver heart shaped stickers on my nail on my middle finger As you can see I use one bigger one and 2 smaller once And for ring finger I am using star shaped stickers I think this stickers will definitely add fun and lovely effect to your hands Please let me know which variation of nail design was your favorite I hope you enjoyed this video Thank you so much for watching Please subscribe And I will see you next time ! Bye ! ♥.