Fall | Thanksgiving Nail Art for beginners. Cute Design for short nails.

Hi guys ! Welcome back to my channel ! So today I have for you another nail art tutorial And its going to be fall nail art! I decided to start a little bit earlier this year And film more nail art tutorials for fall and also some DIY`s for you And lets face it Fall almost around the corner If you do recreate this nail art, please send me your photos on Facebook or tag me on instagram I will post link in the description box below Thank you everyone who already send me pictures, I love them ! I wanted to thank you Emilia, for sending me her recreation.

She is from Romania You will be able to see her recreation somewhere over here If you do recreate any nail art videos or makeup looks and you want to share it with your friends or send it to beauty bloggers but you think its not perfect don`t worry just send it Its ok if its not perfect Its ok if we have small imperfections somewhere you know Sometimes I am not perfect too ! Ok enough talking and now lets move on to the tutorial This time I decided to combine gradient nails with stamping design For this one I selected fall colors, but if you like you can use any other bright colors As always I will apply my base coat and then I will apply my white nail polish on my index and middle finger and then on my pinky It will be base for gradient and on my other 2 nails I will apply dark brown nail polish Now lets create a gradient effect and for this I am using L'Oreal nail polish in "charmed I am sure " and Sally Hansen Nail polish in "Rockin Hard" I think this 2 colors are perfect for fall! What do you think guys ?! For better results I would suggest to do 2 layers of gradient if you will be using the same nail polishes After I am done with creating gradient I will move on to the stamping plate and I will use design with leaves And for this I am gonna use special black nail polish for stamping So now I will stamp this design with leaves on my nails with gradient effect and will use q-tip and nail polish remover to clean up Next step is optional I decided to add small rhinestones on my nails with dark brown nail polish And as you already know I love rhinestones ♥! And now I will apply a top coat and for this I am using Revlon Multi care base + top coat And here is the finished look I really love it ! I think this nails will be perfect for fall and even for thanksgiving What do you think guys ? I hope you enjoyed this video and if you did don't forget to like it and comment and I will see you all in my next video! Bye ! ♥.