Gold glitter gradient nails, easy nail art tutorial for beginners by cute nails

Hi girls! Today I'll show you an easy nail art design that you can do.

You will only need a few things to make this design: some glitter flakes, a nail polish and a sponge.

So let’s have a look to this tutorial? First, I’ve applied the base; it’s a dark grey nail polish.

Then I use a triangular shape sticker I take it off and stick it at the top of my nail, with the tip pointing downward.

Your nail polish should be dry or else it won’t work.

Then I use the moss and the nail polish Orly – Glitz and Glamour.

I dip the moss in the nail polish.

And I press in on my nail to make a shade off.

Then I remove the sticker gently.

And with a correction pen, I remove the polish from my skin.

I'm going to add some top coat on my nail And with the help of a small wooden stick, I apply the glitter flakes.

Now all I have to do is to add a rhinestone and some nail polish in the remaining area.

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