Golden fireworks nail art on purple manicure by Cute Nails

Hello! Today I will show you how to make this nail art that I’ve called Golden Fireworks.

We will need a fan brush.

So right now my nail is covered with tape.

I've forgotten to film the first step so don’t worry if my nail looks ugly.

So now I dip half of my brush in the polish.

Make sure that the hairs of the brush are spread out.

Or else it wont' look nice Then I do that same movement again Then I add a few lines with the side of the brush and make some corrections.

But never go over it twice otherwise it will leave a thick coat on your nail.

Then with a liner brush, I paint the edge of my nail.

And I add a few more lines.

Now I will add some more lines with a different nail polish color.

To make it look prettier.

Now I will add some small dots with nail foil.

To make some nail art foil nuggets.

I add small random dots with the nail foil glue.

Wait for it to dry and apply the nail foil.

This is a top coat for nail foil.

I’ve introduced it to you in my video about nail foil.

And now I add some golden lines of a glitter nail polish.

And that's it for this nail art! Please subscribe to my channel for more tutorials like this and share your thoughts with me about this design in the comment section below! Thanks!.