Green flowers nail art design for beginners by cute nails

Hello everybody! Today I will show you a green nail art with flowers First I apply my green base polish.

Then I'll take an angled brush and green and white acrylic paint.

If you don’t have the right green color, you can just mix it with your other colors.

Then I make a flower with 5 drops.

which make for the petals of the flower Click on the annotation on the video to check out how I make flower designs, and how I put drops with an angled brush.

In fact you just have to press on the brush and then release it to make this small design which will form the petal.

I make a green flower at the bottom and a white flower at the top of the nail When it's dry I take my thin brush And I put little drops inside the petal small white drops for the green flower and green drops for the white flower It is a very quick nail art to do when you don't have a lot of time Then I take my doting tool and I'll add a few small dots I will then apply some glitter and my top coat to complete the design You can make this nail art with many different colors Here I chose green, which fits the St.

Patrick Check out another flower nail art tutorial in the annotation, you can watch if you want and feel free to subscribe to my channel if you liked this video, tell me about it and share it on Facebook Thank you!.