Halloween Nail Art | Vampire Teeth, Blood Splatter, Blood dripping Nails for Halloween

Hey Guys! Halloween is coming So here I am with a Halloween nail art design For this, first apply base coat on all of your nails Then apply double coat of black nail polish Now on Index & little, we are making vampire teeth For this, apply red nail polish on tip and then using a thin brush and white nail polish or white acrylic color, make vampire teeth I'm using white acrylic color here On middle, we re making blood dripping effect So using a dotting tool, make some big dots and small dots and using a thin brush make outline and some vertical lines for perfect blood dripping effect I'm using red nail polish here Now take red nail polish on a sponge and dab it on ring and thumb after removing excess nail polish apply top coat on all of your nails and its done I'll see you very soon Stay healthy, Stay calm.

Bye Bye :).