Halloween Nail Art – Witch Caldron Design #1

Double, double toil and trouble;Fire burn, and caldron bubble.

Are you ready for some bone chilling nailart? Today's video I'm going to show How to create this witches caldron nail designs Comeback on Wednesday and Friday for 2 more witch themed manicures and as always want to knowwhich design is your favorite so let me know in the comments down below! Start this design by painting your nails twocoats of white polish Oh products I'm using in this video all listedin the description down below Start creating the cauldron by creating anoval shape on your nails with the black striping brush While that's drying you're going to createthe bubbling smoke that is going to pour out of your cauldron as you're cooking your brew.

I like to use three colors and place the designin a curve shape – simply place 3 to 4 large circles as a guide and go back and fill inuntil your happy with the look Going back to your cauldron you're going totake a dotting tool and fill in the center part of the over with white polish Now to create the bottom of the cauldron takea nail striping brush – create a U shape and fill in the center I like to add legs to mycauldron and I think it looks cute if they're pointing outwards almost as if they're sittingon top of a fire we can't forget to add a wooden spoon so our witch can stir her brew! I want my witch to be cooking away so I'mgoing to add some bubbling smoke around my cauldron! Let me know you enjoyed this look by eitherleaving this video a thumbs up or sending me a re-creation on Twitter and Instagramusing the #lnghalloweennails If you want more information on the Halloweennail art contest where you can win a $25 gift cardto Amazon make sure to check out last weeks video I'll put a link down below! Never miss a manicure by hitting subscribeand I will see you guys on Wednesday with another witch inspired manicure Exit – so which design what's your favoritelet me know in the comments down below – Because you guys know I love Halloween and I wanteveryone to be excited for the most Spooktacular time of the year – I want to officially announceour second annual Halloween nail art contest! Woo Hoo! To enter you must re-create any of the nailart in my Halloween nail art playlist I'll put a link down below ! upload a picture toInstagram and Twitter use the hashtag LNGHalloweenNails and tag me at Lancengi The contest closes November 1st and I willbe selecting 2 winners on November 2 that will both win a $25 gift card to amazon! Make sure you hit subscribe so you never missa mani Monday! Remember that every Monday in the month of October I'll be uploadinga spooky nail designs! In the meantime make sure to check 30+ Halloween designs! Until next time! Bye!!.