HOLLYWOOD Nail Art Design | Melissa Bozant

Hi Melissa, nice to meet you! Also! Could you tell me how you came to, to be nail stylist? I started it 35 years ago and It has been over the years more and more.

Many stars were satisfied with my work and have recommended me.

What's hot at the moment with the Stars? And who among your customers? I just Rita Ora made the nails.

She likes red particularly like.

And glitter and stones are very trendy.

Could you show me some trends? With pleasure! The 3D applications are very popular at the moment.

So we have glitters, applications, stones and various prints – can be really very creative.

And Matt tones are very popular.

We will mix today.

This fits well with your outfit.

I make very sure that all together fits and that it pleases the customer.

We also have this beautiful gray we can mix.

This color is also very nice so we combine these colors.

Colour-blocking is very popular at the moment, and have different colors on the nails.

Along with the jewelry applications We make your nails funky properly.

Who else belongs to your customers? My favorite is to date Angelina Jolie.

I have her nails for the cover shoot for the "GQ" magazine made.

What are your tips for beautiful nails? You should almost always something on the wear nail, best nail hardener.

The cuticle is always best to lubricate.

And a manicure every 2 weeks also helps.

And what colors are just a fashion statement? At the moment everything is announced with glitter.

Previously, only a few people wore glitter, but now you see glitter everywhere! And the 3D nail art is very trendy.

Who is the craziest of your customers? This is definitely Lady Gaga.

What will be popular in 2015? I think that it will continue Colour-blocking will be and the people are crazy about Applications.

And it will continue to jewelry applications give and lots of glitter.

Thank you also to my took care of nails!.