How To Get A Cool Wedding Design On Nails | Nail Art DIY

Hi guys welcome back to Project MohawkThis is Kreena Desai and as you can see I am wearing this very pretty anarkaliI am getting ready for a function And my makeup and everything is doneAll I have to do is my nails because no look All I have to do is my nails 'coz no look is complete without nail art! I’ll be doing a very nice pretty traditional Indian nail art And come on board First I'll need a gold paint for the baseof my nails I will use a purple to compliment my outfitas you saw I‘ll need a very thin paint brush for thelines I’ll be making Of course we’ll need dotting tools for thedots we’ll be making And some scotch tape for the lines, for theperfect lines we’ll be making So first we’ll start off by applying a nicethin coat of gold shimmer After I applied my gold nail paint, I hadto let it dry for 10 to 15 minutes So I am cutting 10 pieces of Sell-o-tape sothat I don’t have to keep cutting them while I am doing my nail artSo now I'll start sticking pieces of tape from the centre of my nail to the bottom edgeSo it makes a mountain from the tip of your nail So now I'll start applying the purple nail paint in between the two cellotapesSo that the mountain we made can be filled I’ll let it dry for a few minutes beforeI start removing the tape Just one quick tip that when you’re removingthe Sell-o-tape make sure it goes in the same direction that you’ve applied in on and just don’t do it randomly So here I’ve removed some gold paint on the plate So that I can use my paintbrush and make diagonal lines on the nails You can even use a toothpick if you don’t have a paintbrushJust start from the centre of the triangle and pull the line down to the tip of the nails And if the sides of the nails are messed up because of the cellotapeYou can always use the paintbrush to correct any of the few mistakes that you might havemade Now I am putting some purple nail paint onthe plate And you’ll be making a few dots along theedge of the triangle Take the smallest end of the dotting tooland again if you don’t have a dotting tool You can use the end of a toothpick or a bobbypin This is the final step of the nail artI am going to apply a quick coat of transparent nail paint to seal the look Yay! I am finally done with my nail art As you guys saw it’s very quick and easyto do All you need is a few tools and literallyten minutes So if you do try it at home, please takepictures and tag us I'll put the links in the description boxLIKE this video, SUBSCRIBE to the channel and please SHARE this video to all your friendsand family members who are interested in nail art If you have any comments, suggestions or any questions, comment below and I'll get backto you And keep watchingThank you I am gonna goBye!.