Kiki’s Delivery Service Nail Design | It’s Jenny

Hello 🙂 Nail design inspired by Kiki's Delivery Service You need: Base coat blue black White yellow Top coat bobby pin 2 toothpicks Here we go! I have already applied the base coat Pranks your nails now blue Then let them dry and wearing a second layer to the blue to darken Make the black nail polish a narrow line at the end of your nails Let it dry to make Take your hair clip and black paint to Kikis Cat 'Jiji' Begin to paint the cat's body And the head Take a toothpick and make the tail Now close your ears You can see better the process in the white cat that comes next 🙂 It is the same history: body – head tail – Ears My ring finger I'm the black baby cat simply repeat the steps Then take to create the white nail polish again to eye: 3 Now take a bit of black to create around pupil You have make something that looks so Now you need the yellow nail polish and a toothpick I now draw a moon and some stars You're done! Finishing to protect it now with a top coat to your nails 🙂 I also have my other nails painted blue.

Now I paint some cat feet with my hair clip on it 🙂 Finish it with a top coat and you're done 🙂 If you liked the video, please give a thumbs up and subscribe for more 🙂 Bye!.