KUPA TV How-to Create a Unique Skull Nail Design for Halloween

Jess: Hi, I’m Jess.

Welcome to Kupa TV!Today I am here with Yolanda Laracuente.

Yolanda: Hi, my name is Yolanda Yvette Laracuente.

Welcome to Kupa TV! Jess: SO, what are we going to do today? Iam so excited! Yolanda: Today we are are going to make aSkull with a Bow.

Jess: I am so excited! I am, I can’t waitfor Halloween.

SO excited for Halloween nail art.

SO let’s do this skull.

Yolanda: OK, let’s go! Let’s start! Yolanda: I am using the 3D Brush with theDot tool.

And now I am going to place a small acrylic ball to the center and then I am goingto drag it to the side.

Making a “tear drop” shape.

Yolanda: Now I am just going to press a littlebit.

And be careful when you are using white andblack because your brush is going to get dirty.

You see here, and then I am going to cleanmy brush to make sure I remove the black from the brush.

Yolanda: Then before it is dry, you are goingto press with a tool.

So you can make the teeth of the lower part of the skull.

Ok?As you see in the video.

Yolanda: And I go back and press real hard.

Now I can go back later and do it again, ok? Yolanda: I am going to take another ball,and I am just going to go and apply it the same way like making a tear drop on the sideof the skull.

Making the jaw.

Yolanda: Once I do that, I am ready for theupper part of the mouth.

And I just place a small acrylic ball and then I am going tostart cleaning the lowest part to make sure everything is clean.

And I did the same thingand I pressed the teeth the same way I did the other one.

Yolanda: Now I am taking a big ball of acrylicwith a big brush, this is the brush #10 I am using to make this part of the skull.

NowI am going to take the 3D Brush and I am going to make the eyes impressions.

I am going topress real hard because at this point it is getting hard.

But I am going to go over itagain so.

Yolanda: Now I am going back to the blackacrylic powder.

Just going to place a little tiny ball with a 3D brush and I am going tomake the eyes.

And at the same time I am just painting around the teeth, ok? Yolanda: Now I am going to go and take a littlebit of acrylic black and I am just going to place it there.

I will add more white acrylicto the front of the head.

And I am going to make a impression there.

I want this skullto be different.

This is a lady, this not a man.

I will add more acrylic and I willstart shaping it.

Yolanda: Let me tell you something.

Once Ifinish this part I always go back with more acrylic and do more definition in the teeth.

You can do that.

You can do that all the time.

You will see, once it is finished you willsee more definition in the teeth.

I am going to place another small ball of acrylic tomake the upper part of the jaw.

At this time you see the teeth are kind of disappearing,but they are going to make it back.

There you go! See! If that happens to you maybeyou can go back with black and then a little more with white on top.

Yolanda: Now I am going to take one more ballon the side of the skull, then bring it to the side.

OK? And there you go, that is anothermore of a tear drop shape.

So easy to do, just follow the video and you will see youare going to do it! Be patient and go for it! Yolanda: Now I am placing more acrylic, asyou see, to the skull.

And I just leave it like that.

Yolanda: I am going to make some crack lines,with my tool, with my painting, acrylic painting.

And to make cracks I am going to take a small brush to do the crack.

Thatshow easy they are.

Once you see the head you will see the crack.

You see? Now I am addinghere and there some acrylic.

I took a little but of black and yellow and make it real,real watery.

As you can see in the paper.

So I can stain the skull because you don'twant it real real real white.

Once I do that I go back with my white acrylic and I do morein some parts not all the skull, just tap some acrylic in some parts and then also tothe teeth too, that’s how I fix all the jaw.

That’s how I fix everything.

Go backwith a white acrylic and you see that is it! Yolanda: Now we are going to go to the bow! Yolanda: I place one ball of acrylic and makeanother “tear drop”.

OK, that is it.

Then you press to the center.

And also to the sidesyou can press a little bit there to make an impression.

The other side of the bow youare going to do the same thing.

Place it there and drag it to the center making a tear drop.

Take my brush and pull the product up, to the side and to the center.

I will take moreacrylic to make the bow a little bigger.

You can add more acrylic.

Yolanda: When you are doing this make sure,you are going to add more of the product.

You are just going to make one side firstand then the other side.

And then you are going to pull the other side later.

SO youcan make it twice, so you can make it more, it will pop out better when you make it likethis.

This application I am going to do it twice you will see.

Yolanda: Now, then you shape.

It’s betterto put a little bit so you can add more later.

Ok now, there you go! I am ready to add alittle bit more.

Ok, now I am adding more.

There! You see it easy to just add.

Everytime you do something you can add more.

I am adding some more.

Yolanda: There you go! And the same thingin the lower part also.

Now when you place the center, make sure it is not to watery.

You need it not too wet.

Then you bring the product to the sides so you make impressionsthere to make it more realistic.

On both sides you want to do this.

OK? There you go! Doit carefully, do not press to hard.

Just a little bit.

Now I am just going to go backand shape it.

You can do this all the time when you are working with acrylic if you needto.

Yolanda: And here is the finished work! Yolanda: This is it Jess! I hope you likeit!? Jess: Thanks! I love it so much! It’s socrazy! I can’t believe you did this.

You’re absolutely ridiculous and insane! I love itso much! And I love how you just you made it look so easy with that like art brush,the 3D art brush.

Is just, You know? You were able to get right in there and it’s so good.

I am more excited for Halloween if that was even possible! Yolanda: Remember what make it easy are theright product and the right brushes.

Jess: Absolutely right! I had so much funhanging out with her today! Yvette is amazing! Stay tuned and subscribe to our YouTube Channelwhich is Kupa Inc.

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She does more than just skulls, she does rosesand all kinds of stuff.

So that’s it for today.

Happy Halloween! And we can’t waitto see your skull designs! Jess: Bye! See you later! Yolanda: See you later!.