KUPA TV How-to Summer Nail Art Color Design

Hello everyone welcome to KUPA TV My name is Ann i'm KUPA master educator Today I'm going to share with you one uniquedesign Because I'm using a lot of fun color for thesummer Which is a lot of light blues greens and yellows And I'm using a lot of glitter rhinestonesand some 3-D nail art First I want to introduce to you my lovelymodel She was brave enough to let me use her hands My daughter Trinity Trinity: Hi In this episode I'm going to use divinityproducts to form the structure of the nail Oh also use our Artfinity line which includesGummy Melon Blueberry Hill, Pacific Blue, Electric Blue, Lime Cooler and some glitter So let's get started To start off we're going to prep the nails First I'm going to use our divinity pusher I'm going to push back her cuticles Make sure everything is clean Then I use the back of the pusher to removeany dead skin away from the cuticle area And I'm going to take our Divinity shaperbuffer file And just lightly  buff the shine off Moving on I'm going to use Nail prep numberone ( Peace ) PH balance Lightly brush on Then I'm going to take our acid free primer( Love ) And sparingly apply on the nail This will ensure the nail stays better Next I'm going to use our infinite form tosculpture her nails To create a long the electives with our InfiniteForm is great because you can make it as long if you wantor cut it in half to make it a salon length For the shape of this nail I'm going to usethe whole form Once you get it on the security and pinchthe tabs below This way it will keep it shape To start off I'm using our cover pink powderto extend out the long nailbed I'm taking like a medium sized Divinity dotand apply on the nail I'm using our number 10 Divinity brush And lightly patting it out Making it even on both sides Then I'm going to take it in a little bit I keep patting and then lightly brush Until I'm happy with the shape Then moving on I'm going to take another mediumsize Divinty dot And apply it right on top of that Using your brush patting evenly on eitherside then brush it down to level it all out Then I'm going to take another very smallDivinity dot of the cover pink And apply it on closer to the cuticle area I'm using the body of the brush to pat theproduct or use the tip of the brush to clean up the sides Then I'm going to take about a medium divinitydot of clear pink And apply on the top of the nail Again I'm using the tip of the brush To push the pink closer to the cuticle area Then use the body of the brush To clean and level the product out Then I take another medium size dot and placeit at the tip of the nail To make it a little thicker To make a nice clean smile line I'm going to use our shape or buffer file Just lightly file the sides of the smile lineto make sure it's nice and crisp And once you're happy with that take the brush And lightly clean off the dust I'm taking a medium divinity white powder And gently take the tip of the brush and pushit up along the smile line Then I'll use the body of the brush pat outthe product You don't want to build too thick becauseI'm going to use other product on top of this So I'm going to use it lightly Just form out the structure of the nail first Then I'm going to use another medium Divinitywhite powder And continue to extend out the nail To make this nail longer I'm going to takeanother medium Divinity white powder And continue applying to the nail to extendout the nail So before moving onto the color acrylic I'm going to wait for the wait to kinda sortaalmost set While it's not totally dry am going to goin with the pincher And pinch it in because I want to have a niceround c curve So now the fun part starts I'm going to be using a lot of color and glitterto incorporate in my design First off I'm going to start with the lightblue With this design I don't use a lot of coloracrylic on top of this nail Because you already have the foundation ofit So I'm using it almost as a watercolor technique I'm using like a wet brush in dip into  mycolor acrylic and apply it directly on the French nail Again using it really wet You going to take the blue and lightly brushit on Because you don't want to do it too thickon the nail I love this technique because when I finda client that already has French on And the next time she comes in for serviceand you want to try something fun I don't have to take her nails off to starta new design I can just lightly take the carbide bit andtake it down really thin Down to almost 30 or 40% Then I would use this technique again almostlike watercolor And just apply fun color and glitter I'm just taking different colors of blue inlightly dust it on Moving on I'm dipping my brush into electricblue Again very small dot not much And just lightly brush it on the nail That way I can easily control how deep I wantedhow much glitter I want on the side I just keep on adding until I'm happy withthe design As you can tell I'm not using very much I love this technique because it doesn't takea lot of time And yet you can give a client and new look I'm just adding a different shape of glitter Next I'm using Gummy Melon which is like aneon green from our Artfinity collection And with the same technique I'm using it verylightly The brush is very wet so you can control howyou spread out the color on to the nail Very lightly that way the nail doesn't looktoo thick Then I'm going to use the neon yellow And apply it about a third of the nail Lightly brushing on just by using the tipof my brush Kinda make like an ombre technique Just using the tip of the brush moving thebrush up-and-down To get that ombre affect As you can tell by applying lightly on thenail You can see the nail is not that thick That's why I love this Artfinity product becausethe color is so highly pigmented you can use it almost like watercolor Again I love this because it's fun and easyand you can do it for any service in your salon So next I'm going to take a small bead toclear powder And dip it in the glitters Basically I mixing different sizes of goldsilver Little bit of copper I'm adding all different sizes to make ita little more interesting So I'm just going to take a little clear powder And dip in the glitter and spread evenly withthe tip of the brush I spread it evenly where I want it to be To make an interesting look to the nail I keep dipping my brush back into the liquidmaking it wet So I can play with the glitter a little biteasier You don't want it all bunched up in clumpedin one spot You want to make sure it's all nicely spreadout evenly Spread out sparingly so that it looks verynice It kinda gives a little bling to the nail And I think it also add some dimension tothe nail when you add a little glitter It's always fun to have glitter Then I'm going to take a medium size clearpowder Now I'm going to encapsulate everything Ihave just done And continue doing it into you covered thewhole nail Okay once you've completed the nail give ita few minutes to let it dry So before I begin to shape the nail I wantto introduce you to our new 3 in 1 Carbide bit in gold And it's very easy to use it's very versatile Use it for any nail service work You can easily go closer to the cuticle area And you can also shorten the nail Or clean underneath the nail So the next I'm going to use our new ManiProPassport And our new handpiece I'm going to turn it on I'm using I would say about 10,000 RPM With a medium grit carbide bit To shape her nail I'm just going to lately shorten and eventhe shape And the length Because this is a long nail I'm using i'musing the carbide bit to stroke it down to thin down the nail Try to go closer to her cuticle area When you do this make sure you turn her nailon the side And keep the carbide bit parallel to the nail So that way you can see where you're goingwith the bit That way you don't go to close to the cubtclearea And you want to go on and move to the otherside doing the same thing Ask your client Turn her hand a little tothe side And go parallel to the new slowly with thestroking motion Go closer to the cuticle area So after I finish with the electric file I'm moving onto our Divinity shaper file With them 100 and 180 grit To get a perfect shape it's better to do itby hand filing It's nice to use an electric file to saveyou time with the ham filing But to get the actual shape of the nail itselfit's better to use the hand file So with this I'm just taking it from a straightangle from the center In shape it straight down on both sides I'm going to go back-and-forth To make sure it's all straight in line Since I already did it with the drill I don'tneed to do it that much But basically I'm just going to kind of lightlyshape it again So from the cuticle to the tip of the nailyou want a smooth transition You don't want to have a rough line there So I'm going with a very light motion becauseyou don't want to push too hard near the cuticle area The next step in moving on tothe Divinitybuffer file with 100 / 180 grit By doing this step I'm just getting rid ofthe hard scratches i'm the nail surface So I'm just using the buffer file with the180 grit side And lately and gently contouring to cuticlearea again Everything will be nice and smooth And you also need to go underneath the nails That way it will be nice and smooth So your client won't scratch herself out withthese nails Now that you have completed this nail forthe next step You want to use the high-gloss gel sealer our UV Phoria And this is the fun part –  I love this part Because when you apply this on the color reallypops! It will show on your nice work Especially when you've added glitter it popsup really nicely Make sure you seal the edge Before you cure if you want to add some rhinestonesgo ahead you can do it right now.

if not go ahead and put it in the lamp Usually I add the bigger rhinestones afterI've cured the UV Phoria Because I like to use clear powder to helpkeep it secure to the nail Then if I want to add like 3-D design I usually prepare these ahead of time at thesalon as well because this will save you a lot of time I usually tend to preform the designs Theleaves the flowers etc.

So that way when the clients come in I caneasily put them on It makes it much faster for me that way So before I do that I use my 3-D brush I'm just going to use it with clear powderto put the designs on What I'm going to do is wet the brush twoor three times before I start Before I do this I kinda want to have an ideawhere I'm going to place the flowers Then I can just go straight to it Usually I want to be in the middle I'll just dab of small Dot of clear powder And I'll just going to hold the design untilsets in place I'll do it slowly and don't put a big globof clear powder on right away As they usually do it little by little Then at the end when I'm happy with it I addmore clear powder to secure all the designs I keep going This will save you a lot of time if you moldedall the flowers and everything ahead of time So now I'm making a cluster of flowers placingthem together If you want to move the design make sure youdo so before the clear powder sets and dries Otherwise it will be set in stone Right now I'm going to continue to add somemore clear And I'm going to add the leaves Keep on layering until you have the look ofthe design I usually add a little clear powder betweenthe design flowers That way they are secure Then I'm adding a Big Stone right here I'm using some clear acrylic That will hold it in place No I'm continue and add another one You don't want to add too much at one time Because if you keep adding like I do rightnow You're going to use a lot of clear powder So just add it on slowly like I said So at the end when you finish go back andcheck all the little corners If you want to add more Make sure you use the clear powder a littlewet So It will give you a little more time toplay with your design Sometime before If I want to add somethingand I wasn't sure if it fits I find it's always better to place the designon first to see if you like it If you like it and take it back and add something Because once you add to clear powder you maynot have time to play with it Oh cute little leaf right here Like to have a variation of sizes in my design Makes it more natural looking So there you have it 3D with Bling! So now once I complete this look and I likeit I usually go back and add more clear powderaround the edges To secure the design down Okay I hope you enjoyed it and liked it Thank you for joining us I hope you enjoy this video as much as I did For more info or to purchase products Please visit www.


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