latest nail art design 2016

every easy today I'm going to show youhow to do five really super baby black and white designs I have obviously going on all five of mynails that of course you can sleep right now to make the feature nails orwhatever you like so i hope you liked this video to bedoing please thumbs up and subscribe to my channel i have two new tutorialscoming out every week and thanks for watching started these five nail designsyou will need a base coat a top coat a white a black and a gray polish you will also need a dotting tool hereare a couple i used a thin nail out fresh and angled brush you can use forcleaning up make sure you have some nail polishremover handy and also something you can use the pellet i went to my one down theline we can also just use a plastic lid first we are doing the.

e black andwhite has to do this apply a base coat and then once it's dryapply one or two coats of black nail polish now grab your dotting tool in to make afew dots and white polish mapping out with a hat will be on the nail then carefully fill in the heart shapewith more dots making sure something really big and others a tiny if you don't like the shape at first youcan always change it by extending it down a little bit like I'm doing hereand then just apply a top coat now will do.

a nail which is apparentlyeveryone's favorite performance nature again base coat and black polish andthen we're gonna get some what the process here are simple but you do needto concentrate the docks to be equal sizes and in a straight line.

until andmore polish every time making new doctor and make honey love your nail ondifferent angles to make sure the lines are straight once you've done some white mixture ofthe gray and the white college together and make two more lines in this datashade now that's some of the black and graytogether and repeat the purses finally next I love the black of thegreat headlines in the very edge of the name i love how this looks almost metallicwhen it's war it's like a light is shining the middle nail and fading as itcurves down this nail will need some cleanup so use the angled brush teamsand nail polish remover for a bit and then once it's dry apply top coat now we are on to the third now the onelittle crosses after a base coat and black polish use a thin nail at fromthen turn your brush around and head little horizontal lines about two-thirdsto three-quarters of the way at the first line once that's done you may want to go overthe lines again to make sure they're nice and bright then wait for it to dry and apply atKurt the pinky nail is super easy just apply a base coat and black polish andonce that's dry make lots of dots coming up from the bottom of the nail try tomake the.

slightly smaller as you go up your nail to create a gradient of fate apply a top coat and we are on to thelast nail again a base coat and black polish and then we're going to repeatthe design across the nail use your dotting tool and a great polishto make a circle of grey dots and then once the strategy at a big white.

inthe middle you can make these flowers as big or small as you like in this lastpart is optional I just make some black and gray togetherin edison tiny dots in the background apply a top coat I always use quick drybecause it makes it so much better and this is how they turned out pleaseremember to thumbs up this video and subscribe and this is how they turnedout please remember to thumbs up this videoand subscribe if you like what you see.