LAYERED DESIGN || Nail designs

Hi there, it's been a really long time since I've uploaded any videos and I'm back with a nail tutorial.

This nail design is really easy to do so let's just get started by putting some cuticle oil on our cuticles.

Once you've done massaging the oil into your cuticle, take a non oily nail polish remover and a Q-tip or a cotton swab and, just, take off all the oily residues on your nail.

Now, let's protect our nails with a thin layer of base coat.

Let that completely dry before apply your coat of holographic glitter chunks.

If needed, or if you just want to add some glitter chunks, apply a second coat.

Let that mostly dry before applying a thick coat of quick dry top coat, I'm using "RapiDry" by OPI.

And voilà! Here is the final look, I hope you enjoyed it, it's really easy to do cuz all you need to know how to do is paint your nails and everyone can do it! Umm.


I hoped you liked it and.

See you soon! Bye!.