Marble nail art for beginners by cute nails

Hello! Today I will show you a very quick and easy nail art design! It only took 20 minutes to do It is a marble nail art.

Hope that you'll enjoy this video! Let’s have look at it.

First, I applied a light purple nail polish that I have left to dry.

Then I apply a pretty thick second coat.

As you can I see, I add several coats of nail polish on the area where I made the design.

It is important or else your marble won’t work.

Then with the brush of pink nail polish, I draw some fine strokes Once again, I apply thick coats of nail polish.

If there is not enough nail polish, you will definitely see it.

When you make your marble design, it'll create holes and it won’t be nice at all.

If you can’t do the strokes with the nail polish brush, use a thin liner brush.

I make alternate colors between strokes.

Here I’m making four lines but it really depends on the lenght of your nail.

Then with a silver liner brush I divide the strokes in three or four parts.

Right then, you'll obtain the marble effect.

Don’t let your nail polish dry! It should be still fresh or else it won't work.

You can see now how the marble effect works.

When you are drawing the silver lines, it will pull the nail polish and create that design.

Finally I apply the finishing touches.

I add some dots in the corner and a rhinestone.

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Thanks and see you soon!.