Marilyn Monroe Nail Art Designs | 3 Amazing Nails Ideas | Style Small World

Hey guys! This is Arushi and Welcome to Style Small World 🙂 For this Marilyn Monroe easy Nail Art tutorial, start with applying base coat and then apply double coat of white nail polish I have Marilyn Moreno water decal sticker that I bought from indianlacquerholic.

Com I'm giving its link in the description box After putting this in water for 4-5 seconds, place it on nail and remove excess using nail polish remover For middle, I've this stamping plate JQ-32, again from indianlacquerholic.

Com using thin brush apply top coat on crown Then I'm placing this golden foil For the first time it didn't came out properly so I repeated the process to get required effect On remaining nails apply liquid tape (Around nails) I'm using stamping plate HK-09 and black nail polish I'm using is from konad all the product links are in the description box apply top coat and it's done 🙂 If you like these nail art designs, then give a thumbs up and SUBSCRIBE for more nail art ideas I'll see you next weekend.

till then bye bye and take care ♥.