Nail art design : Ethnic gold & orange by cute nails

Hello! Today I will show you how to make an ethnic nail art design.

It's a cashmere design I recreated.

So let’s have a look at the video.

I hope you’ll enjoy it.

To start off, I apply a beige base coat.

Then I use a soft sponge and an orange and a pearly peach nail polish.

I dip the sponge in the two colors and I make the shade off at the corner of my nail, starting from the bottom to the top.

When it is dry, I make the detailed pattern.

I use a very fine brush and black acrylic paint Then I start to draw.

I won’t explain how I make the design Instead, I let you see how to make it, it should be easier.

Then I make a leaf design.

To do so, I press on my brush when I reach the center of the line.

First I don’t press on the brush Then I press on the brush and release it.

To obtain a fine stroke, then a thick stroke and a fine stroke again.

Then I add some color to enhance the design To do so, I use a golden nail polish Then with a dotting tool rather than a brush, because it is more practical.

I add some golden color between each drop.

Then I add some little orange dots around the big drop.

And finally I add a golden rhinestone.

Do not forget to apply the final top coat.

I hope that you enjoyed this tutorial.

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