Nail Art For Beginners #20 : No Tools – Valentines Day French Manicures

hi everyone and welcome back from the holidays i hope you had a fantastic holiday with lots of family and friends and hopefully not a lot of stress.

happy new years to you all i hope you guys watched my brand new video new years eve get ready with me it was the first one I have ever done if you interested in seeing a great ready with me video make sure to click here or put a link in the description box below Look who came by to say hello! hi miss lady godiva She missed you guys too! So lets get into todays video Today I am going to show you three easy valentines day nail art designs I am going to be starting a nail art contest up again you can win a 25 dollar gift card to amazon if you recreate any of these manicures.

and share it with me on instagram twitter and facebook using the hashtag LNGHolidayContest let me know in the comments down below which manicure you think i should wear for valentines day Manicure #1 Manicure #1 #2 or #3 and lets get into the first manicure! Start out Manicure number one by taking anycolor polish you would like and creating a heart shape on the tip of your nail….

Simply creating half a circle on one sideand another half a circle on the opposite side If you get any polish on your skin just wipeit off with your other hand.

Once that dried a little.

Take another polish and create a heart shapea little below the heart you created before.

Take a toothpick and any color polish youwould like and create dots slightly above the heart.

I always start with a dot in thecenter and work one side then finish the other Here's what the finished miniature looks likeit was inspired by his lace hearts but I seen in the store the other day and I just fellin love with the design I hope you liked manicure number one let's move onto manicure numbertwo Manicure #2 Start out the manicure by taking a white polishand creating a tip on your nail.

I prefer applying two Coates of a white polish to reallymake sure that the polish is opaque.

Taking a toothpick and any polish she wouldlike apply dots all over the tip of the nail.

To create the heart on the accent nail youcan use a tooth pick or a bobie pin… Start by placing the dot and pulling down into a“V” Shape and repeat for the other side of the heart! Make sure your nails are completely dry beforeapplying a top coat! Manicure #3Miniature number three miniature number three you're going to startoff by taking any polish you would like an creating a triangle on one side of your nail.

If the polish is a lighter color make sureto apply two coats before moving on.

Taking a different polish create an additionaloverlapping triangle on the opposite side of your nail.

Allow this to dry for just afew minutes apply a topcoat and you can be done… or if you love glitter the way I do.

LOLYes, I want it everywhere I am applying it to one side of my nail witha toothpick.

I love this manicure when I have short nails.

This design lengthens the look of my short nails!.