Nail Art for Christmas: The NO TOOL Guide!

I'm really excited about today's ChristmasNail Art tutorial because it's a special guide that features easy to do designs without havingto use professional nail art tools such as dotting tools or stripers.

That's right, allyou're going to need is nail polishes and a toothpick from your kitchen! So let's begin with a cute little santa hat.

Start off by painting your nail a light green.

Next use a red nail polish and pull the brushdown with a slight curve twice to create the hat.

Then use a white nail polish to dot thetop of the hat for a pompom and then gently pull the brush down a few times at the verytip of the nail.

Pretty easy! Finish off your cute santa hat with a top coat.

Next up is christmas tree.

Begin by paintingyour nail with a gold polish.

Then use a green polish and stroke downwards to create a stripefor your guideline.

Then gently brush outwards on each side of the stripe to create the branches.

Increase the length of the swipes as you move downwards.

Don't worry about making them perfectlysymmetrical, real trees are always unique.

Then for the top of the tree, you can addsome top coat and a rhinestone for a little bling, or you could always just use a redpolish and dot the top using the brush.

Finally we are going to decorate the tree using atoothpick and red polish.

Add very tiny dots going diagonally across the tree.

Finish yourtree with a top coat and you're done! And now for an easy wrapped gift.

Begin bypainting your nail white.

Next use a gold polish to paint the bottom half of your nail.

Take your time while you do this and try to start each stroke at the same place.

Thenuse a red polish and stroke downwards twice to add the wrapping paper.

Remember to leavea strip of gold above it for the ribbon.

Then do the same on the other side, leaving a stripof gold down the middle for ribbon as well.

Finish the gift by adding two gold hoops fora bow to the very top using a toothpick.

Add a fast drying top coat and your gift is readyto be delivered.

Up next is a bulb ornament for a tree.

Beginby painting your nail with a light blue or periwinkle polish.

Next use a blue polishto add a circle to the bottom half of your nail.

I like to use a polish with a pearlor shimmer finish for this as it really adds to the ornament.

Once you have a rough circlemade, you can go back in and clean up the line.

Next I'm going to add a little squareof silver at the very top using a toothpick, and then use a black polish to add a thinlittle hoop to hang the ornament.

Finish with a glossy top coat and you're done! Last but not least is a christmas stocking.

Begin by painting your nail gold.

Next stroke a red polish downwards twice to create a thickrectangle.

Then pull a stroke up diagonally to meet the rectangle and you've got yourselfa nice little stocking.

Then add some finishing touches by dabbing a white nail polish onthe very top of the stocking, and then use a toothpick to add a white patch to the heel.

And of course, you're going to want to seal it all in with a fast drying top coat.

And that's it! You're all done! If you'd decideto give any of these five designs a try, then please share your recreations with me on twitteror instagram using the hashtag #cutepolish so I can find them! Take care and I'll see ya next time :).