Nail Art for Christmas: The Ultimate Guide #2!

It's my favorite time of the year, especiallyfor nail art, so today I'm bringing you another Ultimate Guide to Christmas Nail Art.

That'sright, ten cute and fun holiday designs! You can choose to do one as an accent nail, mixand match a few, or you could do all ten! And don't forget to give this video a thumbsup and let me know down in the comments which design is your favorite! Let's start with the Christmastree.

To begin, paint your nail two thin coats of a white polish.

Next use a green striperto paint two vertical lines to form a triangle.

Once that's done, use the striper or a toothpickto fill it in.

Now that you have the base of the tree, just add some glitter to representornaments and add a little gem at the top of the tree.

If you don't have a rhinestone,just add a yellow dot instead.

And that's it! It wouldn't be Christmas without a candy cane.

To paint this sweet treat on your nail, begin by painting the nail white.

Next use a greenstriper two add a thin diagonal line near the cuticle.

Then add two more lines acrossthe nail and fill it in to form a thicker stripe.

Once you're done that, add one morethin green line below the thick one.

Move on to red and add a thin line.

Then finishthe design by adding two more and filling it in to form another thick stripe.

And thereyou go! Next up is a pretty holly design.

Begin bypainting your nail with a metallic gold polish.

Then to create the berries in this design,you can either put down some clear polish and add three red rhinestones, or you cansimply use a dotting tool and a red polish to create them.

Next is the leaves.

To easilymake these, use a dark green polish and a toothpick to add six dots like so.

Then connectall of the dots together with the toothpick to form the pointy leaf.

Once you've finished that, fill it in! Do the same on the other side and you're done! Now for a pretty snowflake with an ombre background.

Begin by painting the nail two thin coats of white.

This will make the ombre colorspop.

Once the white has completely dried, use a makeup sponge and add some dark andlight blue polish onto it.

Quickly sponge the colors over your nail.

It's best to use a porousmakeup sponge when doing this.

Then re-add the colors onto the sponge and sponge on asecond layer to increase the opacity.

Once you're done, add a top coat to blend the colorstogether even more.

This will also help prevent you from removing the color from the nailduring clean-up.

It's important to do a really nice job cleaning up the excess polish aroundthis nail as it will give the final result a more polished and professional look.

Youcan use cotton swabs dipped in nail polish remover to do this or you can also use a tinypaint brush.

Next use a white striper to cross three lines to form an asterisk shape.

Youknow, that little star above the number 8 on your keyboard 🙂 If your nail is big enough,add another.

Then finish the snowflakes by adding dots at the ends of all the lines.

And you're finished! So we obviously need a santa nail, so let'stry his suit! This one is really cute.

Begin by painting your nail red.

Next use a whitepolish and stroke the brush downward to add a thick stripe down the middle of the nail.

Next use a dotting tool and white polish to gently pull white polish on the tip of thenail like this.

Once you're finished that, add two black lines across the middle of thenail.

The easiest way to do this is by keeping the brush still and slowly rotating your finger.

Fill in the middle with the striper or a toothpick.

Then complete his belt by adding a gold buckleusing a toothpick.

Try using a stippling motion for best results.

Ta da! Now for a pretty little golden bell.

Beginby painting your nail white.

Then use a toothpick and yellow polish to draw the shape of a bell.

Make sure the white polish is completely dried so you don't scrape up the white polish withthe toothpick.

Once you're finished with the outline, fill it in.

Again, I like to usea stippling motion when using toothpicks.

Next use a black striper to outline the bell.

Try and do the thinnest outline possible for a cleaner look and have both hands restedon the table.

Add a little circle coming out of the bell.

Finally use a red striper toadd two curvy lines for ribbon at the top.

And you could always add a little yellow rhinestonefor some extra bling.

Next up is a simple close up of a christmastree with some ornaments hanging on it.

Begin by painting your nail green.

Then use a silverglitter striper to add some diagonal lines across the nail for garland.

Use a big dottingtool to add a couple ornaments.

Once they are dry, use a black striper to add littleblack tops and thin lines for them to hang.

Pretty easy!! Moving on to a delicious gingerbread man.

Begin by painting your nail a light brown.

Then use a white striper to add a curvy linenear the cuticle.

Then use a toothpick or dotting tool to add two little black eyes.

Use a bigger dotting tool to add two red cheeks and finally take a black striper and startfrom one cheek and connect it to the other with a big curved line for his smile.

Anothercute and easy design for the holidays.

Ok so we have a couple of designs left.

This one is a holiday wreath.

Begin by painting your nail white.

Then use a light green striper to addlittle strokes in a big circle.

Take your time while you do this and keep both handsrested on the table.

Then do the same thing but this time with a dark green striper.



Not happening.

As you can see layering this darker green over it really gives thewreath dimension.

Then use a red striper to add a big bow on top of the wreath.

Usinga striper for this can be a little tricky, so you could always use a dotting tool andred polish to make a bow out of dots instead.

And that's it! Last but not least is Rudolph the red nosedreindeer.

Begin by painting your nail white.

Then use a brown polish to add half of a circle onto the tip of your nail.

Fill it in.

Now press the very tip of the brush onto the nailto add some little pointy ears coming out from his head.

Then take a darker brown orblack polish and a toothpick to add his antlers.

This is really simple, just add a verticalline and have two little ones branching out from it.

Finally, add some black ovals witha toothpick for eyes, and then add a smaller half circle in red for his nose.

And of coursewe want Rudolph's nose to be bright and shiny, so add some red glitter polish over it.

Andthat's it! Just give your nails a few minutes to dry and then add a fast drying top coatover all of them.

I hope these 10 designs help get you in theholiday spirit this year.

If you give any of them a try, please show me your recreationson twitter and instagram using the hashtag #cutepolish because I'd LOVE to see them!Take care and I'll see ya next time!.