Nail Art for Valentine’s Day: LOVE Mix & Match Design!

Hey guys!Spread a little love and happinesswith this ultra cute and easy nail art design! You'll have this mix and match design donein no time, and you'll be staring at your gorgeous nails all day 🙂 Begin by painting your pinky and index fingersusing a neon pink polish.

I've really been loving this one and I'm excited to try iton my toes next! Then add a little bling to your ring fingerby polishing it with a glittery gold polish.

Can we just take a second and admire how prettythis polish is? It's a new favorite of mine too.

And finally paint your middle finger and yourthumb a solid white.

Allow time for your nails to dry and then move on to the designing! On your middle finger, use a tiny paint brushdipped into black polish and write out the letter L O V E! Place your hands in whateverposition you feel gives you the most control.

No worries about doing this on your otherhand, you can always swap it for pinstripes which will look really cute! Finish off the design by adding some cutelittle polkadots over your thumb.

Seal in your new manicure with a fast dryingtop coat for a glossy finish.

And, if you have any little gold studs, add them to bothyour pinky and index finger.

And that's it! If you decide to give thisdesign a try, then please share your recreations with me on twitter and instagram using thehashtag cutepolish! Take care and I'll see ya next time :).