Nail art one stroke Blue Roses-Experienced

Hello everyone.

Today let's take it to the next level! I will show you how to make these roses through the one stroke technique in detail and step by step.

For the preparation of the base, I've taken iridescent blue acrylic paint and I've mixed some blue Mica pigements inside.

And with my squared brush, I will spread it on my capsule to give this beautiful pearly effect.

My capsule was matte a while ago.

It is very important to work with the paint.

Then I'll take my squared-shape brush in one stroke, I soak one half in the marine blue and the other in white.

I fade both halves of the brush.

Make sure that you paint is fluid enough.

Then I'll start with the rose.

The heart of the rose: the bud.

I will make 2 U-shapes face to face with the white inside.

Then I'll add 2 other U-shapes in conjunction and again face to face with the white inside.

Once that the heart is done, now we attack the outline of the rose: the outside petals.

To do so, I make big circles arcs using the one stroke technique.

This gesture is a bit hard to explain orally.

So just see how I do it.

I press firmly on the brush then release it while twisting the brush between my fingers.

The outline of the rose should be done before the center of it.

We start with the heart of the rose then the outside and finally the middle.

Do to the middle, you'll have to pay attention, it is quite tough.

Draw semi-circles first like what was done on the outside by pressing less on the brush So as to do narrower parts.

Now we've reached the hardest part because we must not overflow on the heart.

It is important to position the brush correctly in a good axe so as the stripes become thin.

Once that I have completed my rose, I refine the details with white paint using the detail brush.

I redo the outlines not all of them.

Just a few so as to give a touch of light.

Then I will draw a hairnet on the side using white paint that has been very well diluted.

It is very important or else the stripes will be very rough.

I draw stripes in both directions and with my doting tool, I will add some dots.

Then I've added some regular squared-shape glitters.

To add more brightness to my nail art.

Don't it look like a summer starry night? With the small stars? And finally I've apply my top coat.

That's it! I've done it on a false nail because it was impossible to shoot my nails.

My hand used the hide the process.

I hope that you've enjoyed this video! Who will dare try this nail art? If you do, share it with me on Facebook! See you soon for a panic nail art!.