Nail Art Using a Bobby Pin! Five Easy Nail Art Designs

In this video I'm going to show you five nail art designs or created using a bobby pin to get this ice cream nail art design i started at the tip of my nail and made a semicircle bringing the nail polish brush all the way down to the other side of the nail and then filled in with my pink nail polish to represent strawberry ice cream I then added some random dots using my bobby pin and pink nail polish to give my ice cream sprinkles I then use the very tip of the nail polish brush to add a cherry to the top of my ice cream you can do this with the bobby pin as well but i just decided to use the brush.

I finished this nail art design by painting a cone on my opposite thumb nail so when you join them together you have a cute strawberry ice cream nail design now we're going to be making a flower nail art design using the bobby pin I'm making five dots on my nail for the flowers petals then using a deeper shade of pink i'm adding a dot the center.

Then adding four dots going from the bottom of the flower to the tip of my nails for the stem my love for pigs totally inspired this next nail art design and i started by using a pink nail polish and making a semicircle on the nail and this is going to be the pigs head now i'm using a deeper shade of pink to do a semicircle at the very tip of the nail for the pics snapped to give our pig some eyes and nostrils i am using the bobby pin dipped in black paint and placing on two dots in the deep pink section for his nostrils and then another two dots on the light pink section four eyes finally we need to give our pig some ears i've used the nail polish brush to add two triangles to the top of the pig head on reflection though this would have been easier to do using just the bobby pins so you guys can learn from my mistakes and when you're adding is to your pics head I would suggest using the bobby pin be a lot easier the next nail art design i'm going to show you is super easy all I'm doing is painting half of my now in this mint green shade.

for all of these nail art designs you can use any colors that you like I just wanted to keep them in theme so I kept the same four colors now using the bobby pin dipped in pink nail polish I'm making dots going from the top of the nail to the bottom I think this nail art design would look great on all of your nails in all different colors or also works really well just as an accent now find on there like design i'm going to show you is a really easy strawberry nail art design on my pinky finger and i'm starting with green polish and using it the side of the brush to make two triangles on the side of my nail and then I'm adding seeds to my strawberry using my bobby pin dicked in yellow nail polish i think this is such a cute design and its really really quick and easy to make i finished by adding a clear top coat all of my nail designs and I really like the way they turned out i hope you enjoyed this video if you did please do subscribe and let me know in the comments below which is your favorite design.