Nails Without Nail Art Tools! 5 Nail Art Designs!

In this nail art tutorial I will show youhow to create these five beautiful designs and the best part is that you won’t needany tools apart from a nail polish brush and a toothpick.

Hey loves! It's time for another nail arttutorial, but not just any – it's a new no tool tutorial.

I know you guys love theseso much because you always ask me to film more.

And honestly, these are my favoritetype of nail videos to film because they are just so easy, quick and they look fantasticin the end.

I came up with five designs that I can't wait to share with you, so let's justget into it.

First step is as always applying a base coat.

This will keep your nails pretty and healthy, because no one likes having yellow stainednails, right!? To begin with, let’s make this lovely bear.

I am starting off the design with a minty green background.

Then make a circle on thebottom half of the nail using a nail polish brush.

I decided to use brown for my bearbut you can make him like a teddy bear and you can use any color you like! You can evengo for white and create a polar bear.

Make two short strokes on top of the head for hisears.

To create some dimension I added a bit of light pink too – on his ears and forthe snout.

Make half of the circle on the very tip of the nail like this.

We need tomake sure this cutie can breathe so make a little oval patch using black polish.

Forthe next step you can use a striper but if you don’t have it then wipe your polishbrush really really well! Turn the brush so you have the thin side facing your nail anddraw a short black line going from the nose down to the tip.

Take a toothpick dipped intowhite polish and make two dots for the eyes.

Then dip it in black and make two smallerdots for the pupils.

To finish off apply a layer of the fast drying top coat and thissuper adorable bear is all done.

It took me a couple of minutes to make it and it doesn'treally get any cuter than that! I love it! A delicious chocolate muffin anyone? WellI am all about that! Apply two coats of any color for the background.

I kept it simpleand went for white.

Then draw half of the circle in the center of the nail with yournail polish brush.

For the muffin’s cup I chose pink and I am applying it below thehalf circle towards the tip.

To get the look of that zigzag texture on the cup I am takinga darker shade of pink.

Wipe off the brush really well and make thin lines along thecup.

They don’t have to be perfect! To make the muffin a bit more realistic you can drawa few random black patches.

If you want you can also use colored polish for the sprinkles.

I decided to make this muffin as a little birthday cake so I need a candle.

Wipe thebrush super well and draw a short line.

Light up the candle by adding a flame using yellowand orange color.

Apply a generous amount of top coat to protect this pretty yummy design.

This one is perfect for a birthday manicure, maybe just as a cute little accent on thering finger.

But honestly, I could wear this delicious cupcake on my nails every day!I know we are in the middle of the winter but as soon as January comes I get excitedfor the spring.

So let’s now make these lovely butterflies! Again I went for whiteas a base.

I will make three butterflies so I am drawing three thick brown lines to representthe bodies.

Make sure to keep enough space between the lines for the large wings.

Createthese by drawing two colored patches on each side of the brown lines.

First butterfly ishot pink, second one is emerald green.

My last butterfly is blue.

At this point I liketo again run over the brown stripes just to make them more defined.

What really makesthis design pretty are a few little details with a toothpick.

First make two brown dotsper butterfly for the antennae.

Then make four white dots on their wings.

I think thesedots make such a difference.

It’s funny how a little detail can transform a designfrom plain to absolutely stunning.

In the end we need to protect these flying beautieswith some top coat to give them shine and protection.

Here you can see how this designlooks as an accent to a solid manicure.

Next we are making this chevron design withrhinestones.

Paint your nail in any kind of base color.

I like to start with rather lightones because then I know the top colors will look nice and bright.

So I went for pink.

We can never go wrong with pink right? My next color is emerald green.

Color the bottomtwo thirds of the nail making this spiked chevron shape like that.

Then go in with thethird color, I went for the burgundy red and color the bottom third of the nail.

You canleave the design like this or you can add two rhinestones like I did.

I decided forsilver stars.

Add a drop of clear polish or a top coat where you want to have the starand place it on top.

The final step is to apply the top coat, over the star rhinestonestoo! This will keep them in place and there will be no chance for them to fall off.

Classic,sleek and always trendy! Last but not least we are making this cooldouble dripping paint design.

You can totally use more toned down or pastel shades for thisone.

But I wanted to make it super sharp and bold.

So for the base I am applying a shimmerynavy blue.

Now it’s time to create your drips of paint.

Make them thicker and roundedto begin with, and then thinner as you move towards the tip.

I went for white color herebecause this one is very pigmented and pops no matter how dark the base color is.

I liketo make some longer and some shorter drips, you can also make little separate drops ifyou like.

Connect the drips along the tip with curved lines.

To make this design verybold and interesting, let’s color the drips with a hot pink making sure to keep the edgeswhite.

This step is really easy, simply follow the white shapes and you’ll get the perfectdouble dripped design.

Apply a layer of the fast drying top coat to finish of this cooldesign! This one is just so awesome and bold! Looks great as an accent or on all fingersfor a fun and a bit crazy manicure.

This was already my fourth no tool nail artvideo, but I have more ideas on my mind, so let me know if you would like to see them.

If you decide to recreate my designs post a picture on my social media, I will giveyou likes and comments and all that good stuff.

I love you and I will talk to you soon.


Yet again we have proven that the secret to beautiful nail art designs is not in the professionaltools.

All we have to do is open our minds and let our creativity take over.