No Tools Nail Art Tutorial!!! Christmas Nail Art Designs

Hello my YouTube friends.

Hope you guys are doing great since its holiday season.

Today I’m doing a nail art tutorial.

But not just any.

It's a no tool nail art tutorial plus it’s a Christmas edition.

I’ll be doing 7 Christmas themed nail art without any nail art tools.

Let’s do this.

First nail art design is a cute little Santahat.

Always start with a base coat.

Using the nail polish color red draw a diagonal linefrom the middle of the nail to the tip.

Do the same for the other side.

When it dries create little patches on the tip of the nail using the color white.

Make couple of tiny patches at the tip of the hat using the color white.

Seal your design with a top coat.

Your Santa hat is ready.

Next design is Santa's face Apply a base coat.

Color top half of the nail with red.

Then create white patches as shown here.

Draw white patches at the tip of the nail.

Touch the tip of the nail black color nailpolish brush lightly on the nail.

It will make tiny dots but not perfectly round.

It’s ok.

Using color red draw the nose.

Lightly touch the tip of the white color nail polish brush on top of the two black dots.

Finish your design by applying top coat.

Next design is Santa’s chubby body.

haha On the base coat polish your nail red.

Draw white patches vertically at the middleof the nail.

Then draw white patches at the tip of thenail.

Using the color black draw a horizontal line.

This horizontal line might not be perfect but it’s ok.

Pick some glitters with a tooth pick.

Then draw a rectangle on the black line.

Finish your design by applying top coat.

Now we are doing these four cute designs.

First is the Christmas tree.

On the base coat using green color nail polishdraw two diagonal lines as shown here Fill the gap in the middle.

To complete the design we will use toothpicks.

They are not nail art tools so it’s valid,right? Draw diagonal lines with black color nailpolish using a tooth pick as shown here.

Put a star on top using a tooth pick.

Next put some glitters on the end of the black lines.

Finish your design by applying top coat.

Next design is a snowy day.

On base coat, apply the color blue.

Draw curved lines using color white at thetip of the nail.

Now let’s draw a tree.

Draw a vertical black line with the help of a toothpick.

Draw two diagonal lines at the top of the black line.

Then draw horizontal lines.

Next draw another tree like before but incolor white and smaller.

Put some white dots using the toothpick.

It will give the feel that it’s snowing.

Seal your design with a top coat.

The next design is the holly garland.

Start by applying a base coat.

Draw a white line at the tip of the nail.

Draw small diagonal lines at the tip as shownhere.

Put red dots on it.

Then put white dots on red with the help of a tooth pick.

Seal your design with top coat.

As you can guess the next design is a snowman.

On base coat apply the color blue.

Draw a circle then a small circle on it.

Then fill the circles with white.

At the place where the big and small circlejoins draw a red line.

It will be the muffler.

Put two dots using a tooth pick on the small circle.

Then draw a nose with color orange.

Put two white dots on the black dots.

I have put green dots on the red muffler to decorate a bit.

Again seal your design with top coat.

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Bye bye.