Party Nails! Nail Art Collab with elleandish // Janelle

Have some parties coming up soon? Well, Ihope you do cause the nails I’ll show you today are perfect for the occasion.

Hey loves! I have a new nail art tutorial for you and this time it's a collaborationwith one of my favorite nail artists here on YouTube – Janelle.

She has a channel calledElleandish and she does the most beautiful elegant and cute nail designs that I absolutelyadore.

So today we decided to make party nails and I came up with this fun design, whichcombines zebra – leopard print with geometric shapes and bright neon colors.

And if youwant to know how to achieve this design, grab your nail polish and let's get this partystarted.

Start by applying base coat to protect yournails.

Since the color I’ll be putting on top is white one layer of base coat is enough.

But when I am painting my nails red or hot pink I actually apply two or three layersto prevent staining! Ok, now go ahead and paint all your nailswhite.

I need two coats for an opaque result.

For this nail design we will be using neoncolors and you guys know that neon shades pop so much more on top of white.

Our blankcanvas is ready and it’s time to draw on some designs!Take your nail art or regular scotch tape.

I am using a nail art tape but you can cutsame thin stripes from a piece of usual tape too.

Cut two pieces and stick them on themiddle finger in a triangular shape like this.

Take a bright neon yellow and apply it onthe sides of the nail.

Try to keep the middle triangle white as we’re going to draw aleopard print design there.

Oops some polish leaked to my cuticles, this happens to meall the time.

A great tip is to quickly run a toothpick along the cuticle to remove itand make a neat edge.

Now we can remove our tape stripes and we end up with some perfectlooking lines.

For the leopard print start by making a few pink spots using a nail polishbrush.

Wipe the brush really well, otherwise you may end up with a giant blob of coloron your nail.

Next outline the dots with a toothpick dipped into black polish.

I liketo use a stippling motion and make some brackets and some letter C-s embracing the pink spots.

To fill in the empty space add a few black patches here and there.

I also want to makea thin black stripe going along the yellow – white edge.

You can do this with a striperbut I prefer doing it with tape.

I am sticking two tape stripes parallel to each other andfilling the empty space between them with black.

Remove the tape and voila you get theperfect stripes! Lastly I like to add a few more black spots to make the pattern boldand rich.

Our middle finger is done, let’s move onto the ring finger.

Stick the tape stripes in the same way as before and color up theleft and right side in pink.

When removing the tape always move in the same directionas you applied the color.

This way the edge will be super neat.

Now take a piece of cosmeticsponge.

Apply the yellow polish on a little corner like this and dab the color on thewhite area of the nail.

On this nail we are going to make a zebra print, so take a blackstriper or a small paint brush dipped in black and make curved lines horizontally acrossthe nail.

I like to make some shorter and some longer to get a more realistic effect.

Draw two thin black stripes on the edge of pink and white.

I’m doing it with a helpof my bff Mr.

Tape and there we go! How pretty is this design, right? On my thumb I am going to make a combinationof previous two nail designs.

This way the whole manicure will be connected and kindabrought together.

I have to again run the toothpick along the cuticle, tipical.

Removethe tape and then… disaster happens.

There are two things I could have done wrong: A)either the white polish wasn't completely dry yet and B) I forgot to stick the tapeon the back of my hand first to make the glue less intense.

But I will show you how to fixit in a bit.

First lets apply yellow polish on the other side of the nail, remove thetape and luckily everything went smooth this time.

Simply apply some white polish witha precise brush on that naughty spot and we are on the right track once again.

Next makesome yellow patches on the upper half of the white triangle and draw some zebra wavy stripes.

That's actually my first time ever I am doing a zebra print and I love how it looks! Onthe bottom half we are making the leopard print.

So start with a few pink spots andoutline them with black brackets and C shapes.

To finish the design draw two thin black stripeson the edge of the white and neon colors.

Add a few more leopard spots if needed andyou are all done.

On the pinky and the pointer I decided tomake a little twist to this design idea.

On the pinky I am applying yellow on almost theentire nail, but you can keep the top center part white because we will be applying blackthere anyway.

I like using the combination of precise paint brush and the nail polishbrush to color the area neatly.

Now remove the tape.

Next take a dotting tool and makea big white dot and a smaller one below.

Color the big dot in yellow and the smaller onein pink like so.

On the pointer we are going to color almostthe entire nail in pink.

Next make a black triangle in the center of the nail.

Did younotice that designs with stripes along the middle of the nail visually elongate the nailand make it look more elegant? Such designs are a perfect solution while you are waitingfor your nails to grow.

As on our pinky make a larger and a smaller dot on top of the blacktriangle, and color the bigger one in pink and smaller in yellow!All that’s left to do is applying a layer of the fast drying top coat to seal all thedesigns together, give them some shine and protection.

I think the combination of the sharp modern lines goes perfectly with the more soft zebraand leopard prints.

Fierce and sharp on one side but still very cute and romantic on theother.

I hope you liked my fun party design, I absolutelylove it and if you decide to recreate it make sure to post a picture on my Twitter, Facebookor Instagram because I love to see your beautiful masterpieces.

Don't forget to check out Janelle'schannel for her party nails and subscribe to her because she's amazing.

I hope you havesome great parties planned ahead.

Have fun but stay safe.

I love you and I'll see yousoon! Bye!.