Pink flowers with arabesque designs one stroke nail art by cute nails

Hi girls! Today I will show you how to make the nail art design I’m wearing.

It is a very simple flower design that I’ve done with the one stroke technic.

I hope that you will enjoy this video.

And I apologize in advance if ever next month there are less videos.

Because, as you can see, I’ve taken down my shelves and I’m moving in Paris.

That’s it! Thanks for the support and for appreciating, liking, commenting, sharing my video ! So, after I’ve applied a light purple nail polish.

I use two kinds of paint from LM Cosmetic: white and light pink.

And a flat brush.

I dip two thirds of my brush in the light pink, for the inside color of the flower.

And one-third in white paint.

I shade off the paint on my palette to merge the two colors And to avoid having to much paint on my brush.

Then I start drawing my flowers I draw simple petals, some kind of semi-circles.

No need to complete the petal.

So I go upward with my brush, then I twist it slightly between my fingers and I go down.

I make that on each side of the nail, on several layers.

You'll have to wait for the paint to dry in between each coat.

Then I apply the second coat to darken the color.

While the paint dries, I use my detail brush to draw an arabesque in the empty space.

When the first coat of the one stroke is dry, I draw another level of semi-circles, this time small ones.

With water and a brush, I clean my skin but you can also use nail polish remover if the paint is dry.

And now with my detail brush and some paint, I draw the outlines of the flowers to bring them out.

And inside the petals, over the pink paint, I add some coats of a very bright nail polish.

To make it a shiny flower.

Then with a small dotting tool and the pink paint used for the petals, I add some tiny dots near the arabesque.

Finally I add a small rhinestone and I apply final top coat to protect my nail art design.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this video.

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See you soon!.