Pink fuchsia nail art with black Konad stamps by cute nails

Hi! Today I will show you how to make this nail art.

It’s a mix of konad stamps and of drawings with nail polish.

To start off I always clean everything I'm using with acetone.

Then I use a black color nail polish And I stamp the beveled M44 design So I put the stamp a bit tilted on my nail.

Then I use a liner brush with black polish to correct the design.

and I add a few lines to fill the empty area.

Then with an dark grey polish I draw a line.

With the help of a liner brush.

To draw the line, follow the line of the konad stamp.

that should help you make a straight line.

Now I will use a silver polish and a liner brush.

I wipe the brush to make a very thin line.

Then I draw the line, following the lines of my konad design.

Then I add some drops of top coat to apply my rhinestone and two diamonds.

Then I add some glitter polish with mixed flakes.

So that it doesn’t look too pink and fluorescent.

See how to apply the top coat on the konad design so that it doesn’t bleed.

Don't apply two coats over it, one coat is enough on this design or else it will bleed.

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