Hi Everyone, I am super in love with this week's nail tutorial I think it is so cute and girly and I can't stop looking at my nails every 5 seconds Let me know if you like it too This design is perfect for any formal occasions like the prom or even birthday parties I am a December baby myself.

Leave a comment below and let me know which Month were you born in and what star sign are you As always start with base coat to protect your nails Then a layer of a light pink polish as your base colour Next we're gonna use a liner brush to draw in some lines dip the brush around the opening of a nail polish bottle to pick up some colour and apply 2 stroke half way down the nail separating the nail bed into 3 sections Then slightly thicken the lines into stripes Reapply if necessary to build up opacity Do that to all your nails and 3 strokes on the thumb since it has a wider area Now use a silver or glitter color and line the outside of the 2 stripes we created Clean the brush in nail polish remover between colours and pick up some black polish using the same brush and draw a curved line separating the tip of the nail into a half moon manicure Line the edges using the thin brush and fill in the tip area with the nail polish brush as it is a little easier to apply to bigger areas Next dip a dotting tool in the same color pink polish as your base color and apply a polka dot pattern in the tip area To create evenly spaces dots, start with a line in the middle then add another line inbetween the spacing of the first line Same on the other side and do this until the whole nail is covered Once all your nails are done, you can decide if you want to continue.

I think it looks pretty cute just as it is but if you want the wow factor you can't go wrong some nail decals and flowers.

It can make a huge difference to a design Apply clear coat as adhesive then place some neon studs and ceramic flowers along the curved line to decorate.

Once you're done, it is essential that you apply a generous amount of top coat to secure the decals in place Make sure you get all around the ceramic flower so it has more grip onto the nail If you like this design, please rate it share it and add it to your favourite playlist Please subscribe for updates, I upload new videos every Thursday asian pacific time.