Press On Nails For Girls – Nail Designs For Girls – Spider Nail Art

Hey girlie girls.

Today we’re doing anotherspectacular video.

And today we’re going to be doing another item from the JusticeBoutique line.

And these are actually press on nails that glow in the dark.

And they areperfect for your little spider queen.

And they are also a great accent to the spiderqueen face art that we used in the other video.

Which, I will put a link for down below.

So,I have my girlie girl helper, Aiyanna, here with me and I’m going to use her as my handmuse.

And she’s going to be trying on these cute nails.

I just think they are so adorable.

And I think I paid about well, five or six bucks for them.

So, I think they are totallycute.

They’re for ages 3 and up.

So, your mini girlie girls can definitely use them.

They’re easy to use.

They’re already pre-glued.

You just press them on firmly.

And to removethem, you just soak them in warm water for about ten to fifteen minutes.

So, lets go.

Okay guys, so we have our nails scattered about here because they were very very hardto get out of the packaging.

We actually had to use a little kitchen knife.

But that’snot going to stop us.

So, I’m just going to show you guys how to put these nails on.

They’re already pre glued like I said.

So, all you have to do is just put the nail atthe base of your cuticle.

Press and voila.

You are ready for Halloween.

Or everyday,I mean who wouldn’t want to have fab nails right? So, I’m going to go ahead and putall of the nails on.

I’m going to need, because her fingers are tiny, to size themup.

And they come with 20 different nails.

So, you can play around with the sizes.

So,I’m just going to go ahead and size her up.

And see what we have.

Okay, so as youcan see, we have all of the nails down here.

And I know they say that they are pre glued,but I would definitely add a little bit more if you want longevity.

But, if you are justdoing it for the night of Halloween, I think that they should be fine.

And these nailsare uber uber cute.

Wiggle your fingers Aiyanna.

And they would be the perfect addition toany Halloween outfit.

So, we just say, go get them, go get them, go get them.

I thinkthey are definitely worth the investment.

They are uber cute.

Okay, thanks for watching.

Until next time, chow.

Go ahead and give them a cute Halloween wave Aiyanna.

Okay, thankyou girlie girl Aiyanna for helping me.

Bye Bye.

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Mommy, I like these nails.

They are so cute.

I am ready for Halloween.