Romantic nail art with flower and net design by cute nails

Hi ! Today I will show you a nice nail art with a flower and a net design.

I hope that you will enjoy this medium level nail art.

You can find this video in English on my new channel cutenails.

First, you will need light pink acrylic paint.

With a square brush, I draw a flower on the side of my nail.

I dip my brush in the acrylic paint.

Then I draw little bridges that will finally look like a big flower with many petals.

Careful not to draw the flower too close to the side of your nail or else you won’t be able to see it from the front.

That’s why I have a colorless spot in the middle of the flower Because I've drawn my flower so that it reaches the center of my nail.

Then I fill the spot with color.

I let it dry for a bit and I start again.

If your flower’s color is not enough dark, you’ll need to apply another coat.

When the paint is dry, I use a detailed brush and white acrylic paint To draw the outline of the flower.

When it is dry, I use a thin doting tool and dark violet acrylic paint To make small dots inside of the flower.

To draw the net, dilute your brush in water To be able to make very thin lines Then dip your thin liner brush in the paint.

To draw several lines to make a grid.

To make it look like a hairnet, draw the lines closer to each other.

And finally, at random, I draw little dots at the junctions of the net.

And finally, to make your nail art shine bright and to protect it, apply the top coat.

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