September/Autumn Nail design | It’s Jenny

Hi D Fall Nail Design You need: Some autumn colors Top coat sponge cotton swab nail polish remover Here we go! I have already applied the base coat 🙂 Now you need a sponge I simply cut a small piece of a washing sponge Now pick up your autumnal colors.

I'm orange, yellow, red and green take because in September, most leaves are still green;) Transfer Now the colors in the order that you want to on the sponge And dab it on your nails Repeat this on your other nails 🙂 Your nails should look like;) Now you need your cotton swabs and nail polish remover Simply remove the nail polish of your nail bed: 3 Until your nails are clean 🙂 Wearing now your top coat on to complete it 🙂 Tip: Carry the top coat on when your nails are still wet to blur the colors and give them a natural look Here you can see the difference Thanks for watching 🙂 If you liked the video, please give a thumbs up and subscribe for more 🙂 Bye <3.