Sharpie Nail Art Challenge – 5 DIY Halloween Designs | Lancengi

I was challenged to come up with some Sharpie nail art designs that were halloween inspired so if you've been looking all over the internet to find easy male are that anyone at any skill level can do then this is the video you want to watch station till the end and we are doing a giveaway but first let's get into the first spooky design number one is a on ranking 9 i'm going to take my green sharpie I'm why a few ticks to my nail taking a brush I'm going to apply in ninety percent or higher alcohol to the nail once the alcohol mixture is completely dry which took about three minutes for me going with a black sharpie and i'm going to create reach line on this nail and add some Frankenstein stitches the secret to keeping your Sharpie manicure from Mary and delight least try them one here spray before my a Tom here with the finished design looks like let's move on to design number to design them to is a graveyard cemetery Sunside taking a yellow orange and red sharpie to your nail and I'm lying a little bit of alcohol it's going to create our sky for our cemetery allowing that to completely dry we're going to move on to taking our black marker and creating a tree on the side of our nail moving over to the side we're going to create two mobiles for our headstone and maybe a small crow flying off into the day and remember to keep your Sharpie manicure from smearing by lightly spraying them looking hair spray before adding a taco here's what the finished design looks like let's move on to design number three design number three is a really cute pumpkin you're going to take a orange and yellow sharpie and apply it to your nails vertically the alcohol will give this pumpkin a little bit more dimension before we move on to creating the face of the pumpkin now that the mixture has completely dried was two to three minutes go in with a black sharpie and add our pumpkin features i'm going to create my pumpkin by adding two triangle eyes and open triangle for the nose and mouth lightly spray your nail with some hairspray before applying a top and we'll design number four is a vampire vibe and start by adding red black and purple to the nail then add a little bit of alcohol to make the background feel little corpse-like once the alcohol mixture has completely dried go in with a black car behind across to the center of the nail and the end you're going to create a small triangle to give our cross a more vampire feel lightly spray your nail with some hairspray before adding a topcoat and we're done with design number for let's move on to design number 5 design number five I called The Hollywood fire and this is also the easiest of all the design simply taking black sharpie and start on one side of the nail and lightly flick the marker to the center repeat with the other side using any halloween inspired colors remember to spray with a little bit of hairspray before applying a topcoat what did you think which of these five designs was your favorite let me know in the comments down below each week of the month of $MONTH october i am doing a giveaway so make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out this week's giveaway is very simple all you have to do is dream manicure using one of the five designs you just watch you must put in the description this is my entry for Lance Angie hashtag halloween sharpie nails giveaway uploaded to Instagram and one of you will win a thirty-dollar amazon gift card next week i will announce the winner on Monday last week I asked you to go ahead and put in the comments section down below halloween ideas that you would like to see and I would have any kind of everyone's names what and I'm going to put them into my little ready to sign here and we are going to draw a winner for last week's contest and the winner is oh my god she's gonna be so excited this is the winner of the nail art are the last week's halloween contest all you have to do is send me over a quick email here's my email right down below and congratulations and we will get you over that money five dollars amazon gift card cannot wait to see who will win the giveaway for next week and I will see you on Monday.