Simple and Easy Watermelon Nail Art / Summer Nail Design / Warm Weather Pedicure

uptown funk you up uptown funk you up uptownfunk you up uptown funk you up *burps* ewwww ew Hi everybody it's your favorite personin the whole wide world LaLaLove Giggles right? right? so today I decided that I wanted topaint my nails again and I was like what's a good summery nail art that I could put onmy nails? and I decided watermelons but since I'm not a nail art expert I decided that Iwas just gonna make this super simple and super easy and I was like wait a minute Ican make a video and help other people do their watermelon nails there are only 3 colors that you will needto accomplish this watermelon nail art the first color is a bright pink or a watermelon color I am using pure ice in the color gossipthe second color you'll need is a bright green or a lime green I am using pure ice in thecolor wild thing and the 3rd color you'll need is just a basic black I am using wetand wild wild shine in the color black creme let's get started the first step is to takethe pink nail polish you have chosen and apply it to all of your nails once this is driedapply the green nail polish to just the tips of your nails if your nails are short designateone fourth area of your nail to the green nail polish now don't worry about gettingthis perfect because have you ever seen a perfect edging on a watermelon? plus thisis just for fun and the final step is to take the black nail polish you have chosen anddot the pink area of your nails to make the seeds on a watermelon voila well thanks for watching guys I hope you foundthat really simple and easy and enjoyable of course and if you did definitely give thisvideo a thumbs up with your watermelon nails and um subscribe if you wanna see more I planon doing more nail art videos in the future so you will see more of that and take a lookat my other videos cause they're freakin awesome okay kay we'll see ya later.