Simple Nail Art Designs: Negative Space Manicure | COVERGIRL Nail Polish

I'm going to show you how to geta really easy negative space mani.

Let's go.

To get super straight lines for yournegative space, cut pieces of tape and put them aside before youstart painting your nails.

An easy way to tie thewhole look together is to have at least one accent nail oneach hand using one of the colors used in the negative space.

I love how bright and glossythe CoverGirl nail polishes are.

And don't worry if you mess up.

Just keep some cotton swabsand nail polish remover handy.

Make sure your nails arecompletely dry, and then slap on some clear polish for a finishingtouch and then you're good to go.

And here is the final easy,breezy negative space nail.

I hope you enjoyed it.

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