Special Occasion Nail Art Design

Hi nail art lovers! In today tutorial i show you how to do two easy nail art perfect for any special occasions.

The material that i used is: -crystal rhinestones -glitter powder sheets -double ended dotting brush -rose rhinestone from mixed decoration kit I ordered these supply online at www.


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 once the base coat is laid applies the glaze light purple then on the ring finger take a rose rhinstone by decorating kit with a nail glue or with a top coat nail stick the rhinestone.

with the glitter dark purple polish make small petals around the rhinestone which continues on one side of the nail.

On the index finger applies two small crystal rhinestone and draw petals around them go to the two sides on top of the nail.

Apply the top coat and you will have an amazing elegant nail art.

Apply the base coat then laid the red orange polish on all the nails except on the ring finger , here apply a white polish.

when it is not dried completely, stick on the glitter powder sheets and creates a sort of flower with different colors and on the sides put small dots with black polish.

Finally apply the top coat and the result is so COOL i really LIKE it.

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