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Hi! I've been playing around with striping tapeagain and I've come up with 3 more designs that you can easily re-create at home.

First, bold stripes that get narrower towardsthe tip of your nail.

Place a line of tape approx.

4mm from yourcuticle.

The next stripe goes below buta little closer this time, then the third has an even narrower gap Put the final piece of tape very close to the last to make a super thin line.

Carefully paint the nail black making sure you don’t go past that last line of stripingtape.

Wait 10 seconds then remove.

Topcoat can easily ruin your stripes, so I’m using Poshe topcoat which hardly ever streaks my nail art.

Press as lightly as you can, floating the brush over the nail.

If you have to go over the same bit twice then go in the direction of the stripes to minimize streaks.

Please share any other smudge free topcoats you love with everyone in the comments!The next design looks way harder than it actually The next design looks way harder than it actually is.

Place your tape in a fan shape, you don’t need to worry about the pieces of tape beingthe same length or being evenly spaced.

In fact I deliberately put some stripes closertogether than others.

Within your fan make a curve with your polish brush, then fill in.

Wait 10-20 seconds depending on how thick the polish is, and remove.

Ta da! So easy.

Finally something bright and colourful.

On a white base place your tape halfway down your nail, on a slight slant.

Then in the other direction place tape diagonally at about a 45 degree angle in even stripes across the nail.

I painted the top half coral up to the line, then the bottom half blue.

Again, wait 10-20 seconds depending on how thick the polish is, and remove the tape.

If you've blurred any lines you can dip a small brush in remover and very gently brush away the colour, revealing the white underneath.

You can do this look on all your nails,or to save time just do a couple and paint your other nails blue.

For more easy striping tape designs check out my previous video by clicking on the screenor using the link below.

As always thank you for watching, bye!.