Sweet Baby Pink 3D Love Heart Acrylic Nail Design – Kirsty Meakin – Naio Nails

Hi, I'm Kirsty Meakin from naio nails, I'mgoing to do a design for you today using acrylic to create a 3D love heart design.

So for this design I'm going to use cotton candy and pure white, we're going to use a little bit ofclear acrylic aswell and some white paint.

So i have already prepped the nail, put thetip on and everything like that.

If you want to view the video of how to do that you canclick the link below.

We're going to do a full nail cotton candy, which is a reallysparkly baby pink.

You don't have to do it too thick because it is purely just for colour.

So make sure the whole of the tip is covered.

So now I'm going to put clear over that now.

This is a really easy, simple design.

You have got a permanent colour.

It's a nice colourto wear, it's not in your face, it's just really nice and delicate.

So i have encapsulatedthat now with clear, just making sure it's nice and smooth.

Just going to let that seta little bit so i can then pinch the nail.

While the nail is still shiny, we can't pinchit because you will just collapse the nail and all the product will just squish up andthat's not what you want.

So you need it to go matte, once it's matte you can then touchit, and i like to test pinch with my fingers, see if i touch it now can you see how it'ssticky? So it's still not ready.

Your don't want to go in too late either if it's toohard you can risk cracking this nail which will then more than likely crack through tothe natural nail, and you don't want that.

So I'm just putting a bit of pressure on herenow, just to see if i can not stick to it, and it has still got a bit of bend, it's notpushing the product up.

Once we get to that stage we can then start to pinch it to giveit more of a c-curve.

Go ahead now, pop your pinching tool on, let it do its thing, let it just draw it down, if you think it is pinching too hard you can move it down to the tip,it will pinch a little bit less there, if you want it to pinch really narrow you'regoing to move to the bottom of the pinching tool.

Make sure you're not pinching the skin.

You don't want to cause any discomfort.

That's sounding pretty dry at the minute, nice andhard.

Now we're going to file.

Same routine as i always do, side walls, then we are goingto go into this cuticle area, because we have got a full colour we need to be careful roundhere, we want it nice and flush but you don't want to file away the colour.

Remove the dustso you can have a little check, so you don't have to get happy filing and then you canremove the dust and go argh i have filed it away, then you have got to redo it again.

So now i am happy with that I'm going to the full length of the nail.

Just going to tidy this free edge.

So we have got a nice almond shape, really soft, really easy to wear this shape is.

Once we're happy with that we're going to buff that.

Start at the back, get it nice and smooth, then do the entire nail, so it is all nice and smooth, removing allthose deep scratches.

Dust that off, then we're going to wipe over with just a little bitof acetone which will smooth it further and slightly melt that top layer so it's niceand smooth.

So now we're ready to paint.

Get a little bit of foil, just pop the white painton there, you don't need a lot.

You will need a little bit of water and a detailing brush.

Just added a little tiny bit of water to the paint, just so it flows really well becausewe're going to be writing with it.

We're literally using the very tip of the detailing brush.

So if the paint is slightly wetter, it will flow a little bit easier.

You want it to look like it has just been written quite freely.

If there's any bits you're not happy withyou go into your acrylic liquid with your 3D brush it will fetch the paint off and youcan just use it like a little rubber, quite a cool trick.

Now we're going to seal thiswith the mega gloss sealer gel.

Bounce it up to the cuticle, when it's a thumb you can'treally spread the bristles of the brush to cover the entire cuticle curve.

Pop that intothe lamp for two minutes.

Now that's cured we're going to use the white and the cotton candy to do some 3D love hearts.

We're going to use the white first.

So i have just pulled the bead down, come straight through the bead to make the heart, then we're going to press into each little section, then get your cotton candy and do these one at a time, so you're going to make a tear drop shape into that little pocket that you have created by pressingin and we're also going to press into this, open it out to give it some dimension.

And the same on the other side, bring it into the tear drop shape and press into it.

Youcould leave it like that but i think i just want one little one just there, i think thatwill look really cute.

So we're going to go a little bit smaller with these beads.

Sogoing to drag through the bead which will immediately make a heart.

Then just do the same again with the cotton candy colour.

If you were doing a full set you could just usethis nail as your accent nail and maybe all the other ones could just be all pink or theycould just have a pink smile line.

So once that is all set we will put a bit of cuticleoil on, just to finish it off.

That's that design finished with love hearts.