Taylor Swift – Bad Blood ft. Kendrick Lamar Inspired Nail Art (5 Easy Designs! No Tools Needed!)

Hello guys and welcome to a Nail and Brush video.

In today’s video, I’m going to show youhow to do 5 super trendy, bad-ass chic nail art designs inspired by the one and only,Taylor Swift! The designs are based on her latest kick-ass music video for Bad Blood.

And guess what? No tools are needed! Let’s get started!The first design is a shattered blood red look.

Start with a base coat to all your nails.

This ensures your nails remain healthy andstain-free.

Go ahead and grab a red nail polish.

Apply one coat for the background color.

I will be using Scotch tape to get clean lines,you can use any sticky tape you can find.

So put two strips on like this!When you are ready, go for your favourite black polish.

Carefully paint between the two strips of tape.

Quickly pull off the tape while the nail polish is still wet! Do another diagonal stripe, going the other way, at the tip of your nail.

Wrap it all up with a top coat! This helps your design to look smooth andshiny! The next design is a futuristic look usingnegative space.

Have your white nail polish ready!Use the brush and stripe across the white part of your nail.

It’s much easier if you rotate your finger and hold the brush still.

Draw in a second stripe about halfway up the nail to create two negative spaces.

If you go over the edge, just clean it up with your thumbnail! Nice and easy, seal it in with a top coat.

The next design is an “X” to mark thetarget.

Apply two coats of the white polish as a basecolor.

Wipe the black polish brush dry and use the edge to draw in the “X”.

Protect your design with a top coat! The design on my ring finger is a little red chevron like the “V” on Tay Tay’s helmetwhen she rides the motorbike.

Start with black as the base color.

Use red polish to create two triangles on either side of the nail.

Using the black polish again, we’re going over the red polish so you’re left witha thin red stripe that forms a “V”.

Never forget that top coat! Finally, what bad girl look is complete without leather and gold studs.

Put on a coat of black polish.

Grab a sparkly gold polish.

Then, using a toothpick or the tip of a ballpoint pen, dot on little gold “studs” like this.

And a top coat keeps the chipped nails away! I hope you enjoyed my Taylor Swift inspirednails as much as I did.

It makes you feel like a bad girl about to kick butt doesn’tit? Thanks for watching and I hope you learntsomething.

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