Three Easy Nail Art Designs – Dry Brush Nails! Step by Step Nail Art tutorial

In this video Im going to be showing you how to create three easy nail art designs.

For the first nail art design I started by painting my nails white and using my pink nail polish I painted a thick line down the side of my nail All the way from the cuticle to the tip of my nail.

Using a blue nail polish I did the same on the other side of my nail.

Still leaving a space in the middle that is white using my medium size dotting tool and pink nail polish I did two dots one at the top of my nail and one in the middle of my nail Using blue nail polishI did dots both sides of the pink ones if you want perfectly straight lines this can be acheived by using nail art tape or ordinary scotch tape I use different colors on each of my nails and finished them with a top coat For this next easy nail art design I started with white nails and using my pink nail polish, I wiped the brush along the side of the bottle to remove most of the nail polish from the brush you want to have it say there's barelyany nail polish visible on your brush and then like striking the brush overthe nail gives you this really nice lines effect I did the same again using my purple nail polish and the most important thing is just tomake sure there's really no nail polish left on the brush I also cleaned up using a cotton wool padbecause I don't want the lid of my nail polish to stick to the bottle then repeated the same steps for each of mynails and finish with a top coat I really like this nail art design because its quick and easy! For this next easy nail art designI started with purple nails and using a bright green nail polish Istarted near the cuticle but not at the cuticle and did a straight line don to the tip of the nail Using my pink nail polish starting slightly lower from the top of the green line I did the same using my orange nail polish did a small line nextto the pink line starting slightly lower than where the pink line starts I used my smallest dotting tool and orange nail polish to do small dots along the middle line of the pink and green lines.

I finished this nail art design by doing two green dots between the pink and orange lines I did some of the lines horizontally and some vertically and finished the whole design with a top coat.