Toothpick Nails! 5 Nail Designs Using Only a Toothpick

Hey guys, here's another toothpick tutorial.

We're building a little house.

First you need to make the walls, then a roof and doors.

To finish off you can also make some windows, chimney and a flower.

Hey guys, I'm superhappy to be with you again and guess what? This is a toothpick nail art episode two.

I received so many requests to film more nail art designs using a toothpick.

So these arethe ones we are making today.

Mickey Mouse design, Camouflage nails, Cotton Candy nailart, Daisies Design and a fun take on French manicure.

So grab your polishes and toothpicksand let's jump into it.

In my first toothpick nail art tutorial welearned that a toothpick can work as an awesome nail art tool.

Today we are making anotherfive quick and easy designs, for which we only need a toothpick and a nail polish.

You guys already know the first step — a base coat.

First we need to cut the end of the toothpick, which will allow us to make a bit larger dots,stripes and other forms.

Let's start with the first design.

I am makinga pink take on the camouflage pattern.

Paint your nail with a medium pink polish.

You mayneed more than one layer to get an opaque color like me.

Dip the toothpick into a fuschiapink polish and dot the polish on the nail to form these cloud shaped patches.

Make afew of these hot pink clouds randomly on the nail.

For this design you need a few shadesof pink, but you can make the camouflage nails with any color you want.

I think the originalolive green would be so cool.

But unfortunately, I don't own any nail polish in this color.

So use the colors you have at home.

Next, I am taking a pink polish that is lighterthan my base color to draw some more clouds.

Make sure that some of them slightly overlapwith the fuschia clouds.

Lastly, I am going in with a very dark pink shade.

A grey colorwould also work very nicely for camouflage nails, no matter what base color you're using.

Here I am just going over some of the dark clouds with light pink and fuschia for the3D effect and since I don't want all the dark clouds to be in the front.

To finish off,seal the design with a fast drying top coat.

I think this design is so cool.

The camouflagepattern is a bit edgy by itself but pink take on it makes it girly and sweet.

Next we are making a classic cartoon daisy design.

I need to start with a white basebecause the green polish I will be using next is not that pigmented.

But if you have a niceopaque green nail polish you can skip this step and just paint all your nails with it.

To make the beautiful white daisy flowers you just need to make 5 small white dots ina circle for the petals and then the final dot in the center.

Don't worry if some petalsare bigger than others — this makes it even more interesting and unique.

I am making fourdaisies on my nail today, but you can draw less or more of them if you prefer.

Now dipthe toothpick in the yellow polish and make a yellow dot in the center of each flower.

Since we've colored the center with the white previously, the yellow looks super bright,see? Finish your design with a top coat.

I think this design is so retro and beautifuland you could wear it on all of your nails or just on a ring finger for a lovely accent.

The third design we are making is this adorable Mickey Mouse design.

First I am painting theentire nail in white.

I need 2-3 layers to get an opaque result with this polish.

Nowwe need to draw Mickey heads all over the nail.

Make a larger dot for the head and twosmaller ones on the sides for his ears.

To make a larger dot you can cut away a bit moreof the toothpick — since the toothpick is normally wider in the middle.

Another alternativeis also to dip the toothpick into the polish and let it dry; you can repeat this severaltimes.

Your toothpick will get a nice rounded tip and will also be making larger dots.

Forthe ears, cut off just a small piece of the toothpick.

This way the toothpick will havea smaller tip, like smaller dotting tool.

I decided to make the Mickeys in three typicalDisney colors — red, blue and black.

Lastly, apply a layer of a fast drying top coat toprotect your design and add a beautiful shine.

How cute and simple is this one right? I absolutelylove it.

Next we are making this fun take on the Frenchmanicure.

I am coloring my entire nail in white until I get the opaque payoff.

Nextjust dip the toothpick into a bright coral or any other color that you like and dot thepolish across the tip of the nail like that.

Make sure to draw the dots very closely togetherto get this beautiful pattern.

This design is so easy to make and it's great if you justwant a nice little detail to your nails.

I like it because it's a bit special but stillvery wearable for work or school.

As always, finish the design with a fast drying top coat.

This design is also perfect for the mix and match manicure.

See how lovely it looks whenpaired with our Mickey design.

I made this fun French manicure to all my nails exceptthe ring finger, where I draw Mickeys.

It makes for such a simple but absolutely adorablemanicure.

Lastly, we are making a fun cotton candy design.

Paint your entire nail with any solid color you prefer, I have chosen a medium blue.

Ido recommend going for any darker color you have, because the cotton candy is very light,pastel color.

Now it's time to draw some yummy sweets on the nail.

Cotton candy looks likea puffy pastel cloud, so dip the toothpick into the pastel polish and start drawing thefluffy clouds.

Just use the dotting motion to get the perfect shape.

I decided to make3 cotton candies in lilac, pink and pastel minty green.

To add the sticks just draw asmall black or grey line picking out of each cotton candy.

Seal in your design with a layerof fast drying top coat.

This design is just so lovely and delicious, don't you think?I hope you enjoyed watching this nail art tutorial.

Will you make any of these designsyourself? Let me know what you think of these designsand which one is your favorite.

Also, if you want me to film the next episode of the toothpicknail art show this video some love – give it a rate by favorite or share it on socialmedia.

Thank you so much for watching and I'll talk to you next time.

Bye, bye.