Uñas de acrilico hello kitty 3d frances paso a paso Nail Art

Hello boys and girls, how are you ?, I'm Iris Gutierrez, I hope you like my video.

I have already prepared a technical reverse, made with Almond Roux collection naturel Now to complete my extension, I will use white acrylic I will make a small tip First I moisten with the acrylic monomer, to prevent the formation of bubbles This tip, are not going to be encapsulated, so it is necessary to give the thickness to avoid breaks No matter if we spotted the technique of reverse, since then the polishing was perfectly defined.

Do not forget to press the acrylic to apply Now we wait for it to dry, later grinding and polishing.

Now, let's clean dust with liquid rinsach Now we will use acrylic cameli of foret collection, with which we will make the bow Kitty Put a perlite, and we pressed toward the center, forming a petal Place a second bead, and repeat the previous step Press to the perlite center.

I will place another smaller bead in the middle Let's give circular shape Just like the bow of kitty Now using the cuticle pushed, make some line cuts The I invite you to subscribe to the channel, and try my line of acrylic.

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Now using my nail art pen, I will draw the eyes and whiskers Use an image of kitty as base Now I draw a circle for the nose In case you need to make a correction, you can use your 3d brush and clean monomener Now draw the whiskers For whiskers, its easy to use the fine polish brush Using yellow acrylic, put a bead on the nose, I care not to fill complete Once dry, on real nails we apply Activ.

And finally, apply UV finish gel "Se fini" I hope you liked and put into practice.

See you next time, bye.