Under the Sea Nail Design with Matte Embellishments

Hi, I'm Kirsty Meakin from Naio Nails.

In this video we're going to do some gorgeous matte embellishment nails.

So we're going to do a design on all of the five nails, creating a full look.

And don't forget we've got the wave nail with the cut out sections that we're going to make even more dramatic So, what we're going to do first is I've got a selection of embellishments.

Now, it does not matter what colour your embellishments are at all, because they will be coloured, we are going to colour these what we are going to do now is fill these nails with embellishments and then we will colour the entire surface so, I'm going to put these embellishments on with acrylic.

I'm going to start with a little bit of beaded chain which is going tosit close to the cuticle, but not all the way so I'm just sort of getting a rough measurement of how long this isgonna be, get some old cuticle nippers, cut that length sit that onto that nail I can see where we're gonna go, ok and I want a little bit of acrylic there I've got high speed acrylic liquid so it's going to set quick which is what I want I'm going to put that straight onto that acrylic, sit it in it so you can see why I did the middle first.

Coz, it's stable, it's easier to adhere the rest of the chain if you've got the centre stable first now, with a 3D brush and you can use any colour acrylic for this, but I'm going to use exactly the same colour as we've used for the base of the nail which is warm natural beige, gonna get some tiny beads pop them equally at the back with a dotting tool press into the bead then I'm going to use some of the pearls we have and another either side and we're gonna get two small beads, one slightly smaller than the other and we're gonna move onto the next one I'm purely using all of this for shapes and I'm putting them on with acrylic because they'll stay make sure that you remove any of the excess acrylic check your positioning before you leave the embellishment to set pop your bead in the middle of those dotting tool again, straight in the middle don't forget to clean up any excess acrylic, so that's all the embellishments put on so, using a make up sponge we're gonna start by sponging some of the colour up, so we've got a pale blue nice and thin, but with a make up sponge, it's going to help you get in all those nooks and crannies so I'm just going to do just over half way on the nails, we're gonna reverse some of it round I'm going to take care when I do around the cuticle and then you're going to blend so it fades with your second colour so you can now see why we went half way, well just over half way down so you could blend that over onto each other, using your sponge just like a stippling sponge you can use a dry part of the sponge to help you blend so you get that ombre effect so now the sponging is all dry what I'm going to do is seal that in with the Matte Coat, so this is a UV and LED curable gel top coat, but it's matte we're going to do two coats of this so we're going to do one for 30 seconds come out and then we're gonna do another coat for the full one minute the reason I'm doing that is because it will because it will help to keep the paint on there for longer make sure you cap the edge of the nail cap the edges of all your embellishments still want a nice thin coat, but make sure you cap all of the edges anything that you don't seal, when you come to wipe off the sticky layer it will be removed so make sure that you cover all those nooks and crannies get all round those embellishments pop that in for 30 seconds with the Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution you're gonna wipe over to remove the sticky layer, it's also going to help you clean up the nail and the skin as well.

so what I'm going to do with this part now, is add some other details to it so I'm just going to add a little bit of one stroke so I'm literally just using a one stroke technique if you want to learn how to do a little bit of one stroke, I've also got other videos on the Naio channel that you can look at and then what I'm going to do is just enhance these little cut out shapes now with a little bit of white paint even more just a little bit of free hand, just creating some little comas so I'm just going to seal it with the Matte Top Coat again now and cure that for one minute we're going to put a little bit of cuticle oil on, I just need to be wary that if the cuticle oil goes on top of the nail it will take away the matte effect so what I'll do is I'll oil them, I'll rub it all in, I'll massage it in, and then I'll wipe over with the Gel Residue Wipe Off Solution just to wipe off any of that excess oil and it will still reveal the matte effect of the nails.