Valentine’s Day Nail Art

Hi, it's Suzie from Nail Career Education and I've got a live model today – my friend Laura and we're gonna do Valentine's Nailsjust a couple designs and they're pretty simple – ones with a calligraphy pen and one's with dots.

So I'm just gonna file we've just white polished her nails and I justfiled them all up make them so that the calligraphy pen grips a little bit easier if you just take away the shine and then we're going to do some swirls and hearts with a calligraphy pen now the little hearts are just pretty much anywhere you want I'm doing it anywhere – just where ever I think the little heart is hanging from a little vine that might be cute mmm.

that is kinda cute.

it's like a little leaf So I put two coats of white gel polish and then cured it and then I lightly buffed it before we started putting the drawingsof calligraphy you can do it with any color you want I just actually really like black ok – those are cute! and I'm just gonna add some little dots around – dots are very whimsical you can even write words let'swrite.

Be mine I'm getting very, very little look how little that is and you're gonna dot the eye there.

cute! So I'm doing this I'm learningthat I really like these little heart thingshanging on the leafs so I'm gonna do a few more – I think they're cute I don't know what my client thinks I don'tknow if I'm really concerned right now I just like em (laugh), so she's gonnna get em Just gonna add a couple little dots in the area where I think I didn't do thecircle so good it's called damage control (laugh) covering upmy little icky spots that I don't like I like the whole leaf thing – oh that'sadorable Cute! so we're working our second design andit turns out Laura does like red so we are going to put red on everyother finger – we're compromising okay so we're gonna start with big dots and I just lay down my big dots everywhere right now I'm starting withthe black and remember these are dots inside dots I do have a pattern that I'm trying to followbut I put them everywhere looks a little lady bug but it won't be by the time I'm finished I hope (laugh) so I'm gonna clean this big black dot thing off and I'm gonna do my red dots I'm going to get them kinda close togetherthey can even touch it's not a big deal it even looks good when it does that so then clean those off and then I'm gonna put the lighter pink You might hit some of the other dots – that's OK that's the whole idea that's the whole idea it looks reallycool you just wann make sure it's dry enough so itdoesn't bleed you don't want that I'm going to get some white ones that's just to lay down the base of it so now I'm just let them dry for a little bit and then I'm gonna put my dots insidethe dots thats when the design starts popping up we'll just let these dry so to create a really nicecontrast I'd pick a smaller dotting tool to goinside the big dots to create that design that I'm looking for inside the black for example we'll put white and inside the red we'll put white too that looks very Valentine-sy it looks like a total major seriesof dots going on a lot of definition – just looks like layers and layers okay now inside the white dots I'll probably put red because it is Valentines and I wanna get more red in there I'm going to pick a really tiny dotting tool and go inside the white I think I got all my dots – there! that's a lot of dots – I hope you like dots! so then we top coat that and let the paint dry and then she's good to go hi thanks for watching and don't forgetto subscribe.