Winter Nails – Moyra Shape Cards For Smaller Nail Designs

Hey guys, I am Anikó and you are watching Moyra Colour Vision.

Let me start with a question for you.

What comes to your mind when you think about winter? For me I sip steaming hot tea from my favourite cup.

Oh, thank you! 🙂 And the most important: I can polish my nails with trendy winter colours.

Brown, blue, or coral.

I just love these colours! I can also try out the new shape cards when I'm doing stamping.

So can you! And the end of the show, you can even have a white-red pullover.

This is Moyra Colour Vision, stay with us! After preparing Amy’s nails, we are going to apply this charming nail polish colour, Moyra Gel look No.


We did not leave out the ring finger by mistake, it is where our Old Santa will go.

While the nail polish is drying on the other fingers, we will make Santa’s hat with No.

922 nail polish.

For painting, we are using Norka Nail art brush No.


Can you imagine Santa Claus without beard? Well, we can’t, so we are making him one wih Moyra No.

3 nail polish.

With the thicker end of a dotting tool, we are working some more on Santa’s hat.

He gets a rim for his hat.

Now we are painting mouth and eyes for Santa.

Well, don’t worry, the eyes will not stay white! The beard looks more real if we put some more white with a dotting tool.

Meanwhile the white eyes have dried, so we can apply some black now.

With Kolinsky No.

00 brush we paint the moustache and smiling lips.

For the next design we have prepared the Moyra stamping plate No.

02 named Fabric texture and the Shape card No.


From this stamping plate we will use the heart design and stamp it to smaller with the help of the shape card.

Once the design is stamped, do not forget to clean the card and plate with acetonfree nailpolish remover.

Then new and new designs can come, and they are done in moments! Either on nails or tips.

It is important to know where and how you want to place the design.

Otherwise, it may not look good or as you wanted.

After checking, Norka will use Metal silver nail polish for stamping, this will be the colour of our reindeer.

The previously applied heart has dried, so we can start working on it a little more.

We are going to paint a star with white acrylic paint.

We will do the same with our other design.

Snow flakes are also commonly used designs in the winter.

You only need a dotting tool and white nail polish to make it.

We promised a red-white knitted sweater to the end of this show.

Instead of knitting needles you will only need a Fabric Texture stamping plate and some white nail polish.

And the sweather design is already on the nail! 🙂 We can remove the nail polish from the skin with a wipe soaked in acetonfree nail polish remover.

For the skin, which is very close to the nails, we should use a small gel brush.

Once the designs have dried we should cover them with Stamping Polish Topcoat to make them shinier and longer lasting.

We can also apply stamping topcoat on Santa too, to protect him.

🙂 And to guarantee some nice presents, let's give him plenty of cuticle oil, too! If you choose these colours in the winter, then you can’t be mistaken.

Just use them freely and try the shape cards, too! And if you like the colour white, then I have good news for you.

First, because it is supposed to snow a lot this winter, so you can see white a lot.

Second, because in the next eposide of Moyra Colour Vision, we will talk about snow-white nails and decorations.

Thanks for watching, have a good and colourful day! Bye! :).